The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Embering, Dismembering, and December-to-Remembering Headlines BLACK MAGICAL KINGDOM For the first time since 2014, not a single Disney film this year has earned a billion dollars. Following last week’s crash-and-burn of the female-led LGBTBLM flop The Marvels, the House of Louse topped itself with the massive fail of its ...


Taki’s Top Drawer


Sieg Nile! The Nazi/Muslim Question

I love it when the world catches up to Dave! Last week proved that my favorite obsessions can go mainstream (I look forward to the day when my ...

The Judge’s Dilemma

I knew what to expect when I voted for Donald Trump. Although I never directly interfaced with him or any of the business entities he controls, as an ...

Bunny Dreams and Abortion Nightmares

This week—a lesson from a “bunny.” You’re likely familiar with Twitchy, rightist aggregator of the left’s wild and wackiest tweets. ...

The Week That Perished

Cultural Caviar


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