January 01, 2016

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(8) “€œOh you who believe, fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you and let them find harshness in you.”€ 9:123

You”€™d think Muslim convert Michael Adebolajo and fellow convert Michael Adebowale would have cited “€œsmite their necks”€ as the impetus for hacking off Lee Rigby’s head, but they attached a couple dozen others as responsible, including 9:123. That’s the beauty of the Koran. If you skip over one violent passage, there are plenty more that fit the bill. The left is so determined to forgive this violence and pin it on something else, terrorists are forced to handwrite the specific passages and hand them over to the authorities. When they killed Theo van Gogh, they were forced to impale their note to his body with a rapier. In that sense, liberals are helping to fight the terrorists by annoying the shit out of them. 

(9) “€œMuhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow Him are merciful to one another but harsh to the disbeliever.”€ 48:29

When Westerners convert to Islam they are often seen as enlightened. In fact, if you truly understand multiculturalism and tolerance you”€™ll become a Muslim and join ISIS the way Sweden’s Multicultural Center Expert Mike SkrÃ¥mo, a.k.a. Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, did.

However, when Muslims convert to Christianity, “€œthose who follow Him”€ quickly cease to be “€œmerciful”€ and get real “€œharsh”€ real fast. This summer, Pakistani bride Nadia Masih’s conversion to Christianity was met with a bullet from her family and a dead Christian husband who had also been tortured by them.

(10) “€œThey wish that you would reject faith as they have rejected faith unless that you would all be equal. So, don”€™t take protectors from them unless they emigrate in the way of Allah but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them.”€ 4:89

The story we”€™re getting from the Syrian-refugee sympathizers is it’s just a few lost souls striving for a better life. They won”€™t come here and rape en masse and they”€™re not here to spread the caliphate. They”€™re here to help. This is a very cute version of events, and it’s willfully naive. Democrats say we”€™re fearmongering and that statistically it is virtually impossible for me personally to be the victim of a terrorist attack. Though it is true that I will never be raped in Sweden, I still don”€™t want that to happen to anyone else. Call me a feminazi if you must. Few of the Syrian refugees are Syrian and few are in Europe to assimilate. They are there because the Koran explicitly states that Muslims must spread Islam across the world. If any of these refugees change their mind and feel like coming back, 4:89 makes it very clear what must be done.

Our foreign policy is likely a factor in Muslim rage, but they”€™ve been behaving like this off and on for centuries. Inbreeding doesn”€™t help things, but the one constant we have with all this Muslim violence is a manifesto explaining exactly what to do (I”€™m not even including all the Koran offshoots that inspired other acts of violence). You can have all the strange bedfellows you want, but there is one in particular who can”€™t wait to strangle you in your sleep. Wake up or die.


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