January 02, 2015

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In November, a rookie cop shot and killed an unarmed black man in the stairway of his own building. This was a much better example of police misconduct, but the cop was Asian so the story was ignored. In yet another twist of irony, the retaliation for Garner and Brown included the murder of two officers, one Asian and one Hispanic, which led some to complain, “€œThe victims should have been white.”€ Technically speaking, that’s wrong. They got the right race, with the Latino as collateral damage. What a mess.

Despite this tangled pile of misinformation and retarded hypotheses, the marches continued, with protestors chanting “€œDead cops!”€ (and no, Buzzfeed, that was not a “€œmyth”€). Is it possible the narrative can survive what the New York Post called “€œThe Year of the Liberal Lie”€? How can these fools not see what’s happening? If you want to attack those who kill black men, focus your attack on black men. We”€™re told this line of thinking is a “€œcop-out”€ used to change the conversation and it is. Get the “€œcops out”€ of your conversation and change it to something that is statistically relevant.

Also, if you”€™re looking for rapists, look no further than multiculturalism. 2014 is the year Rotherham blew up and we learned that dozens of children were being systematically raped by Muslim immigrants. The narrative tried to wriggle its way out of discussing Islamists”€™ behavior by saying we drove them to it, but terrorism kept exploding their theories. A couple of weeks ago, the Taliban killed 132 children in Pakistan. That’s a country that was handed to Muslims to turn into their own paradise if they so desire. Instead they kill children because the world objected to them shooting a little girl for wanting an education.

Like Timothy Treadwell courting grizzlies, we keep coming back to Islam, begging it to become a religion of peace. James Foley converted to Islam and walked into the Libyan Civil War like it wouldn”€™t be a problem. He was summarily kidnapped. As if this were some kind of aberration, he returned to the Middle East this year and was beheaded. The scary part of it all is the incredible power this locomotion has. Do we need to have our heads cut off before we give up on the narrative? Western culture is not a sick disease and multiculturalism is not the cure. The opposite is true. Rape culture is within the multiculturalism that’s being imported to cure us.

Many have speculated that the origin of all this anti-white male sentiment is a “€œFuck you, Dad”€ mentality our boomer professors got from the resentment they felt toward their disappointed dads. These professors transferred their defensive insecurities onto our children. The only thing worse than going deep into debt studying liberal arts is the dissatisfied look it begets from your father. Instead of considering the possibility that his objections are valid, we create a Mr. Burns caricature and insist his entire value system is wrong.

This isn”€™t just illogical. It’s suicidal. Instead of lashing out at the white male patriarchy, we need to give it a high five. Instead of basing our entire ethos on Daddy issues, we should accept that his culture created the modern world. 2014 is the last year we storm up to our rooms and scream, “€œI hate it here.”€ From now on, our resolution should be to make every day Father’s Day. The guy deserves a break.


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