Europe’s self-inflicted “€œmigrant crisis”€ ought to serve as a warning to Americans citizens that there’s no time like the present for planning ahead to stymie similar mass assaults on America’s borders.

Immigration trickles tend to become floods:

“€œHow did you go bankrupt?”€ Bill asked.

“€œTwo ways,”€ Mike said, “€œGradually and then suddenly.”€

“€”The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

And in turn, the sudden deluges exacerbate continuing trickles for decades afterwards.

The influx of 2015 was more or less predicted by Jean Raspail in his 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, but few in authority in Europe appear to have ever devoted any attention to the Continent’s obvious vulnerability to foreign flash mobs taking advantage of the good nature of contemporary Europeans.

In contrast, the Australian government has laboriously worked out an effective system to block boat people, which has succeeded in discouraging most from even attempting the voyage.

And the government of Israel has so impressively anticipated the threat of Muslim and African population surges that it only briefly suffered from sub-Saharans pouring into Israel when Egypt’s Mubarak government, which had long blocked economic border-crossers as a favor to Israel, was overthrown.

It’s time for Americans to start thinking like Israelis rather than like Germans when it comes to defending their country.

Paradoxically, the world is getting more tumultuous because the problems of Third Worlders are becoming less dire. When Raspail portrayed a million Third Worlders descending upon Europe, he envisioned the incoming tide as the starving poor from Calcutta. After all, it’s only natural for people who have overpopulated their own countries to want to move to other people’s as-yet-untrashed lands.

In the past, however, that wasn”€™t terribly practical. The money and the sheer information needed for long-distance travel was out of reach. But 42 years later, the real-life version of Raspail’s swarm turned out to be mostly swaggering youths with smartphones.

“€œIt’s only natural for people who have overpopulated their own countries to want to move to other people’s as-yet-untrashed lands.”€

In particular, the smartphone enables ever-growing hundreds of millions of people in Third World countries to envy their cousins in the First World.

And social media passes along instant awareness of Western mistakes. For example, on Aug. 25, the German migration office sent out a tweet stating that Berlin would no longer obey E.U. rules when it comes to Syrian asylum-seekers. The German bureaucrats claim to have conceived of their putsch against European unity as a mere technical fix, but whatever the intention, the tweet went viral in the Muslim world.

Within days, Berlin’s blunderkrieg against its own continent was attracting hundreds of thousands of military-age Muslim men, Syrians, and pseudo-Syrians alike. But for decades to come, this instant invasion of Europe will lead to quieter immigration, legal and illegal, which will in the fullness of time in turn generate future Camps of the Saints.

Chain migration by extended families from the Third World is an obvious reality. The past half century of history with Muslim immigration to Europe suggests that once these new settlers are legally documented and entitled to exploit the local taxpayers, they will come under tremendous pressure from their extended families to legally wed cousins from the old country to provide the clan with more entrée to Europe.

A 2008 study found that 28 percent of marriages in urban Syria and 36 percent in rural Syria are between first or second cousins. In Afghanistan, another major source of newcomers, the national average in 2010 was 42 percent. First-cousin marriages among Pakistanis in Britain are so prevalent that Pakistanis now account for 30 percent of children born with birth defects in the U.K.

But the cultural effects of Muslim inbreeding are even worse. Intensifying blood ties among relatives leads to increased clannishness and decreased concern for fellow citizens. It’s hard to explain the horrific phenomenon of gang rapes of underage English girls, of which Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg, without understanding the psychological impact of inbreeding among Muslim immigrants. It makes people who aren”€™t your close kin seem less related to you. Why? Because they are less related to you. Thus, victimizing the host population in the interests of your blood relations is only natural.

Could a Camp of the Saints happen in the U.S.? Might we see a sudden rush by land, sea, or air?

It already has happened, multiple times. It could easily happen again, and on a vastly larger scale.

As you”€™ll recall, the Obama administration set off a race for the border in 2014 by hinting that Central Americans were welcome as long as they mouthed the right words.

(If Jeb Bush, who is running for president upon his Hispanic ties, were to be elected or even nominated by the Republicans, it would hardly be surprising if the lame-duck Democratic administration used Jeb’s triumph as justification to throw open the borders and invite in future Democratic voters.)

Back in 1980, Fidel Castro outsmarted Jimmy Carter, dumping his political and criminal prisoners upon the United States in the Mariel boatlift. The chances for a Mariel II at some point seem strong.

At present, Cubans who set one foot on American dry land get to stay here as political refugees from Communism. But eventually, it may dawn on Congress that Cuba is increasingly less Communist and more just plain poor. Congressional debate might set off a race for the exits in Cuba before this policy expires. If the Cuban government were to decide to greet the capitalist dawn by first dumping a few million of its least desirable people on Uncle Sam, do we have a plan?

On the other hand, the good news about America’s near abroad’s population growth is that our extreme long run looks less dire than Europe’s. For Europeans, the United Nations”€™ little-publicized 2015 population forecast is horrifying: The Middle East will grow from 481 million today to 750 million in 2050 and on to 937 million in 2100. Worse, the U.N. sees sub-Saharan Africa growing from 962 million today to 2,132 million in 2050 and on to an apocalyptic 3,935 million in 2100.

So if you are planning to visit Europe someday, do it soon, because if you wait too long it might wind up looking like Detroit.

Pope Francis’s four-day visit to the United States was by any measure a personal and political triumph.

The crowds were immense, and coverage of the Holy Father on television and in the print press swamped the state visit of Xi Jinping, the leader of the world’s second-greatest power.

But how enduring, and how relevant, was the pope’s celebration of diversity, multiculturalism, inclusiveness, open borders, and a world of forgiveness, peace, harmony and love is another question.

The day the pope departed Philadelphia, 48 percent of Catalonia, in a record turnout of 78 percent, voted to deliver a parliamentary majority to two parties that advocate seceding from Spain.

Like the Scots in Britain, the Walloons in Belgium and the Italians of Veneto, they want to live apart, not together.

While the pope called on America and Europe to welcome the migrant millions of the Third World, Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose diocese stretches across the southern reaches of Catholic Hungary, says of those pouring into Europe: “They’re not refugees. This is an invasion. They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

“But in the real world, nationalism, not globalism, is ascendant.”

The bishop hailed Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who denounced any open door: “Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.

“We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim. … That is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots.”

The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland joined Hungary in voting to reject EU quotas for migrants. Under pressure from her allies in Bavaria, even Angela Merkel is re-imposing border controls.

A backlash against refugees, migrants and asylum seekers from Africa and the Islamic world is sweeping Europe. Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, the strongest anti-EU party in Europe, has called on Paris to ship all migrants back across the Mediterranean.

This was the solution Dwight Eisenhower settled on in “Operation Wetback,” when he ordered Gen. Joseph Swing to send the million aliens in Texas illegally back to Mexico in 1954. Swing did as ordered.

Indeed, the call to repatriate the 12 million aliens here illegally has been a propellant behind the candidacy of GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Behind this rising resistance to illegal and mass migration is human nature—the innate desire of peoples of one tribe or nation, who share a common language, history, faith, culture, traditions and identity, to live together—and to live apart from all the rest.

Such currents are stronger than any written constitutions.

That Global Citizen Festival concert in Central Park Saturday, featuring Beyonce, may have spoken to the globalist beliefs of Barack Obama, whose wife was there, and of the pope, who was flying to Philly.

But in the real world, nationalism, not globalism, is ascendant.

Though Gen. David Petraeus claims Vladimir Putin seeks to re-establish the Russian Empire, this misses the point. If Putin sought that, he would by now, 15 years in power, have annexed Belarus and Ukraine, but he has not even annexed the pro-Russian Donbass.

Putin is a nationalist who sees his country as one of the world’s great powers and sees himself as protector of Russian peoples everywhere. He believes Moscow should have its own Monroe Doctrine, and that rival powers should not be planting military bases on Russia’s doorstep.

I”€™m just finding out that Roland Emmerich is gay. Wow, does that ever put his orgasmic famous-landmark explosions in Independence Day, White House Down, and The Day After Tomorrow in a whole new CGI light!

Emmerich is best known for those and other such disaster movies, but according to some critics, his new movie is a disaster, period.

Stonewall supposedly tells the story of the multiday riots in New York City in 1969 that, in gay pop history shorthand, spawned the”€”what is it this week?”€”LGBTTIQQ2SA “€œpride”€/”€œcivil”€/ “€œhuman rights”€ movement.

Vulture, Salon, and the ever-reliable Jezebel are all pissed that Emmerich’s movie hero is a fictional Caucasian boy from out of town”€””€œa shiny white cis man”€”€”instead of the nonfictional and “€œextremely awesome trans activists of color”€ who, legend has it, were the riot’s real catalysts.

Now, if Stonewall were “€œmy”€ story, I might be pissed too. (I”€™m the geek who’s still angry, almost 30 years later, about a movie character being shoved into the wrong T-shirt…)

And no, it’s not “€œjust a movie.”€ Our head-shaking disapproval can”€™t change the indisputable fact that most people absorb what little they know about history from pop culture, not classrooms, and have done so for a few generations.

“€œTo their credit, not a few liberal gay men have been trying, for decades, to demythologize the Stonewall “€˜rebellion.”€™”€

We all have libraries literally at our fingertips, but still, the average individual doesn”€™t investigate beyond the end credits of such virulent bullshit carriers as Emmerich’s own unforgivable The Patriot, or Braveheart, or (the sickeningly slanderous) Titanic, or”€”may God have mercy on our souls”€”JFK.

(And don”€™t get me, as a Canadian, started on goddamn Argo…)

Anyway, clearly Emmerich’s gayness hasn”€™t earned him a jot of goodwill from among these #NotMyStonewall faultfinders, who are (of course) calling for a boycott of the film.

I don”€™t understand why he isn”€™t pushing back using the one biological weapon to which these bitchy keyboard warriors have little built-up immunity:

The truth.

As I put it here last year:

Most commenters fail to point this out: the Stonewall was a filthy, Mafia-owned dive bar….

Dear gays: When your Alamo has glory holes instead of bullet holes, that tells the rest of us more than you probably intended about your true motivations and priorities….

[T]o hear some of them talk, the gay rights movement’s proudest accomplishment”€”hence these parades”€™ universal moniker“€”is that they now get to move the party outside once a year, with the blessing of multinational corporations and the state.

But don”€™t take this bitchy old straight right-winger’s word for it. To their credit, not a few liberal gay men have been trying, for decades, to demythologize the Stonewall “€œrebellion.”€

* In no less than The Advocate, back in 1987, Robert Amsel began a long essay on the topic by recalling opening night at yet another play about the “€œuprising.”€ Setting: The Stonewall Inn, New York City. Date and time: 3 a.m., June 28, 1969

When the curtain fell, he said to his friend, “€œWell, at least they got the time right.”€

Amsel quotes the Gay Liberation Front’s John Murphy, who complained as early as 1971 that “€œthe “€˜victory”€™ of Stonewall…was a “€˜dubious”€™ achievement that “€˜perpetuated the cycle of ghettos and insularity that has kept the gay world from confronting the straight world.”€™”€

Karl Marx was not a Catholic, but Pope Francis is lookin’ more like a Marxist every day.

This became clear as a little glass bell to me last week when progressives were fairly wetting themselves over the pontiff’s first trip to America. All last week, try as I may to avoid them, I heard American progressives praising the bejeezus out of this little man who makes a huge display out of carrying his own luggage and riding public transportation. Our nation’s progs are shoveling so much praise upon Pope Francis’s humble, egg-shaped head, you”€™d think they all suddenly loved Christianity rather than hated it.

This is quite the surprise, seeing as the only things that liberals typically say about Catholics is that priests diddle kids and the Church is on the wrong side of history regarding abortion and the Gay Question.

But now with this new Poor Man’s Pontiff”€”hey, he’s the first Pope from Latin America!”€”American liberals are engaging in a fevered circle jerk about the Holy Roman Church’s capo.

This may be in some small way related to the fact that Pope Francis sounds more like Bernie Sanders than he does Jesus.

“€œKarl Marx was not a Catholic, but Pope Francis is lookin’ more like a Marxist every day.”€

Oh, right”€”Jesus. Even though he’s supposedly Christ’s most visible PR agent on Earth, Pope Francis did not make so much of a whisper about Jesus during either of last week’s speeches before Congress and the UN. He mentioned “social justice,” though. “Social activism,” too. And “solidarity.” And about how we need to make things “modern, inclusive, and sustainable.”

At the UN, Il Papa asserted that a “right of the environment” exists. He gave a thumbs-up to “interdependence” and a thumbs-down to “exclusion.”

In front of the US Congress, whose members probably squeezed out at least 1,000 farts during his speech, Francis addressed immigration:

Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past….On this continent, too, thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children? We must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation.


In his speech to Congress, Francis also mentioned four of his absolute, like, totally favorite Americans. The first was Abraham Lincoln, presumably because he freed the Negroes. The second was MLK, because he, too, freed the Negroes. The third was Thomas Merton, who enjoyed a brief stint as a Young Communist League member. And the fourth was communist sympathizer Dorothy Day.

To recap: The Pope didn’t make a peep about Jesus in his speech before Congress, but he spoke glowingly of two communists and two Negro-freers.

Would it be completely bananas to suspect that he’s being used as a tool?

Some of America’s more, erm, impassioned broadcasters have suggested as much. According to bile-gargling radio star Michael Savage:

He has been selected”€”hand-selected”€”by the New World Order….Well, the pope is a Marxist. I stand by those words. He is a wolf in pope’s clothing, he is an eco-wolf in pope’s clothing. He is a stealth Marxist in religious garb….The man sounds like the false prophet in Revelation. He sounds just like the false prophet in Revelation”€”an ecumenical spiritual figure directing mankind to worship the Antichrist.

And according to Alex Jones, who seems like he’s going to blow a gasket at any moment and probably should take some deep breaths, do some sit-ups, and get on some kind of heart medicine, “the Pope is a part of the globalist plan to destroy the world and usher in a one-world government.”

Others have noted the eerie similarities between Pope Francis and the humble-living Latin American pope depicted in Jean Raspail’s prophetic and dystopian immigration horror novel The Camp of the Saints.

But holy moly, the leftists can’t get enough of this new guy!

The Nation urges us all to work along with Pope Francis and the UN to fight climate change.

Bernie Sanders is so excited about the Pope, he’s working himself into a shvitz. The rumpled little socialist called Francis “one of the great moral and religious leaders of our time and in modern history.” He was especially enthusiastic of the pontiff’s nod to Dorothy Day:

She was a very, very progressive…socialist who organized working people and the poor to stand up to the wealthy and the powerful and to fight for social justice….The fact that he cited her”€”not to mention Martin Luther King Jr.”€”as one of the people he appreciated tells you where this man is coming from in the global world.

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb is campaigning for president to bring low-income whites back to the Democratic Party, recently telling Yahoo News that “€œI think that [the Democrats] have kind of unwittingly used this group, white working males, as a whipping post for a lot of their policies.”€ So how’s that rhetoric resonating? He’s lucky to make it above 1% in many polling areas. Clearly, the party of identity and inclusiveness has no room for whites holding two jobs to keep a household afloat.

Meanwhile, Republicans, being the whipping boy of cultural elites, are too cowardly to acknowledge the struggle of unemployed people who lack a tan melanin composition. Can you imagine the media’s shrieking outrage over a group called White Americans for Jeb Bush? (Keep in mind, there wasn”€™t a peep for African Americans for Obama or Latinos for Obama in 2012.)

It’s all a damn shame, because white-trash lives matter. They deserve the same kind of attention as others who hover a pay period away from destitution. As globalization increasingly pushes manufacturing and low-skilled jobs overseas, now is the time to reach out to those in rural areas who have lost sight of the key ingredients to a good life: a sense of purpose and freedom within limits. And paradoxically, this is being shown in the aftermath of the Dylann Roof murders in Charleston, S.C.

“€œWith victim narratives all the rage, why did it take a brutal shooting to bring attention to the squalid and meager living conditions of poor white Americans?”€

Roof, if you remember, shot and killed nine members of a Methodist Episcopal church who were attending a prayer meeting. He was inspired by racial hatred for blacks. Currently, he is awaiting sentencing for his heinous crimes.

That’s where the popular version of events ends. Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen wasn”€™t content to let Roof’s massacre go unquestioned, however. She sought out the roots of his destructive, hateful worldview. What she found is no surprise to those who grew up among pot-smoking, video-game-playing youth in Middle America.

In her report titled “€œAn American Void,”€ McCrummen stumbles onto one of the country’s best-kept secrets: the seedy underbelly of poor white Americans. Prior to killing the nine congregants in Charleston, Dylann Roof lived with a few friends in a grimy, ramshackle trailer on the edge of Columbia, S.C. These friends, all between the ages of 15 and 21, live a meaningless existence. They spend their days sleeping, getting high, playing video games, and waiting for an uncertain future. Most have dropped out of school. Only one works. The owner of the trailer, 41-year-old Kim Konzny, is twice divorced and pays the bills as a server at a local Waffle House. Her listless children were pals of Roof, whom they let sleep on the living-room floor.

With victim narratives all the rage, why did it take a brutal shooting to bring attention to the squalid and meager living conditions of poor white Americans? After all, the poverty and hopelessness of America’s inner cities still gets plenty of limelight. There’s something else going on.

The racial privilege status of white trash makes them unattractive to the media because being penurious and pale-skinned is not respectable. While poor minorities are viewed with dignity and sympathy (as they should be), the same doesn”€™t apply to Caucasians. The white working class is, as Baptist minister Will Campbell put it, “€œthe last, the only minority left that is fair game for ethnic slurs from people who would consider themselves good liberals.”€ Since the Progressive Era, the U.S. government has made it a goal to forcefully equalize society between races, classes, income scales, and gender. But to Campbell, “€œpoor whites have seen government try to make peace between various warring factions but they have not been brought to the bargaining table.”€

The result is pockets of despair in many parts of the country, most predominantly the South. And while it’s true that poor whites have always existed in America, the callous disregard for their difficulty we see by blue bloods in the Acela corridor is new. People like Kim Konzny have been stripped of dignity and left to fend for themselves without the assistance of the media or Washington elites. Unlike impoverished blacks who hold tight to faith and community, they are without an honorable sense of identity. If they cling to the Bible, they are seen as brainless, flat-earth bumpkins. If they somehow succeed in getting out of the trailer, they are demonized and told they”€™ve earned nothing because of “€œwhite privilege.”€ If they try to stick with their own kind, they are called neo-segregationists.

The Week’s Most Fumbling, Bumbling, and Stumbling Headlines

After the Supreme Court normalized gay marriage in June, many predicted that it wouldn’t take long before leftists began slippin’ and slidin’ and slalomin’ down that seedy, slimy slope from homosexuality to pedophilia.

Last Monday,”€”the Internet’s premier source for pampered white people to whinge about white privilege”€”ran an article called “I”€™m a pedophile, but not a monster.”

The monster who wrote this, Todd Nickerson, claims he was born without a right hand and “struggled with bladder control” as a child. He also says that when he was around seven, a German tourist he calls “Hans” shoved his hand down little Todd’s pants and fondled his “peepee.”

Todd says as he reached adolescence, he found himself attracted to prepubescent children and has never been able to shake the urge to have sex with them. He insists he has “never touched a child sexually” and that he is not a consumer of child pornography.

But instead of labeling his proclivity as a “perversion,” he frames it as an “Alternate Sexuality,” a “sexual preference,” and one of the cornucopia of “sexual orientations” with which Mother Nature has blessed us. He says he has no choice but to be sexually attracted to children and that the only choice he has is not to act upon his attraction.

He says that after lurking on a decidedly unsavory pro-pedo site, his personal Good Ship Lollipop has found safer refuge docking in the harbors of a website called Virtuous Pedophiles, where Todd and other pedos who say they don’t molest children congregate to discuss their proclivities and why they should never act on them:

“€œIf you don’t believe that within ten years man-boy marriage will be the next civil-rights struggle, you need to get on the right side of history pronto.“€

I have other pedophiles in my life that I”€™m actually proud to call friends, people I would trust my children with if I had any, knowing they”€™d be safe there….Those individuals who have the courage to come forward and lay claim to this affliction with the understanding that they only want to use their pedo powers for good should be commended, not hated and feared.

Writing in the National Review, Charles C. W. Cooke says that he finds “no evidence whatsoever” that Salon “is making the case that pedophilia is an ‘ingrained identity,’” even though Salon’s copyeditors”€”assuming they have them”€”let such phrases as “sexual preference” and “Alternate Sexuality” fly by unedited. In one of the year’s ghastlier non-sequiturs, Cooke asked, “don”€™t followers of Jesus believe that everybody is born with impulses that lead them toward unacceptable behavior?”

If you don’t believe that within ten years man-boy marriage will be the next civil-rights struggle, you need to get on the right side of history pronto. Ten years after that, Allen Ginsberg‘s face will be carved into Mount Rushmore.

It’s always a wonderful week when another hate-crime hoax makes the Black Lives Matter movement’s members look like the easily manipulated and woefully innumerate gaggle of buffoons that they are. Our latest delightful hoax involving fake nooses comes from the University of Delaware, located in what is unquestionably America’s most unnecessary state. At least eight students reported to authorities that they saw nooses hanging in trees near a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Without even weighing a micron of evidence, the school’s acting president, Nancy M. Targett, vituperated thusly:

This hateful display stands in stark contrast to Monday night’s peaceful protest and discussion. We condemn this despicable action and ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate.

These “nooses” turned out, by gum, only to be the paper remnants of some wacky decorative lanterns from a previous collegiate event. Oh, well. Forget it ever happened. In fact, don’t ever mention it again or you risk being called a racist.

Gil Steinlauf is the senior rabbi”€”which, trust us, carries a lot more perks than are bequeathed to junior rabbis, including first dibs on the hot tub”€”at a synagogue in Washington, DC. In a recent article in the Washington Post, Rabbi Steinlauf encouraged American Jews to quit thinking of themselves as white in favor of fully embracing their Jewish identity.

He says that by trying to pass as white, Jews are now “reaching the top echelons of privilege and power” in America, so now it’s time to remove the mask:

Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism….Starting in this new year of 5776, we must teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish….The idea that Jews are white is not only ridiculous, it’s offensive to who we really are!

Duly noted. Glad you feel free to be so candid.

Doctor Johnson wisely advised writers to strike out those passages in their own work that they found particularly fine; but the opposite of this advice is followed each week by The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals.

Each week, its cover bears in bold letters between quotation marks a quotation from itself. Presumably the words are chosen for their special merit; suffice it to say that they are distinctly sub-Wildean in their wit and in fact constitute by themselves an argument against the benefits of eidetic memory. They are quoted but not quotable. The great Russian neurophysiologist A.R. Luria wrote a book about the case of a man who could forget nothing. It would have been cruel to give him the covers of The Lancet to read.

Whenever the auto-quotations touch upon a political subject, or a subject with a political aspect, they are of such an unctuous sententiousness that they make Mr. Podsnap seem like a neurotic self-doubter. They are usually inexact, flatulent, self-important, and frequently stupid. The editor, I should imagine, is very proud of them.

This week’s immortal words, I noticed, went as follows:

“€œThe only thing that is necessary for humbug to triumph is for the obvious not to be pointed out. “€

A new agenda for sexual and reproductive rights is needed that recognises the full scope of people’s sexual needs, and enables all people to choose whether, when, and with whom to engage in sexual activity; to choose whether and when to have children; and to access the means to do so in good health.

The late John Gross, who probably had the most profound and extensive knowledge of literature in English of any man who ever lived, said in his book about Shylock that his great speech (“€œHath not a Jew eyes,”€ etc.) never lost its impact however many times it was repeated”€”and this is true of many other speeches in Shakespeare. The unquenchable impact of The Lancet‘s words is similar; except that the emotion they arouse is similar to that aroused by a badly scratched record or a whining child, a mixture of aesthetic dismay and impotent irritation.

The purpose of these words (I surmise, for I cannot prove) is to create in the reader the impression of the writer as a generous and broad-minded man, denial of whose principles establishes him who would deny them as a blinkered bigot. And yet I cannot believe that the writer is so foolish or wicked a man actually as to have meant what he said. The words as quoted are a rapists”€™ charter; no perversion is too perverse to fall under its permissive rubric. There have been men who have been able to achieve orgasm only by derailing trains or by paddling their hands in the entrails of the people they have just killed: Ought the “€œfull scope of [their] sexual needs”€ have been met? That people ought to be able to have sex when they choose, with whom they choose, entails that they should be able to force themselves on others even in public, for there can be no when without a corresponding where”€”for as we know, sexual desire (impossible to distinguish from need) does not always arise at moments hitherto considered appropriate. From the fate of children under this regime of unalienable rights to be included in the proposed Declaration of Sexual Rights it is best to avert one’s mind.

I hesitate to mention such obvious considerations, precisely because they are so obvious; but the only thing that is necessary for humbug to triumph is for the obvious not to be pointed out.

The attraction of humbug is no doubt permanent”€”we all desire to appear better than we are, and to reprehend vice more deeply than we do”€”but we seem to be living in some kind of golden age of humbug. The reason for this is probably that virtue now consists almost entirely of mouthing the most approved opinions, demanding almost nothing of actual conduct, so that the more correct your views, and the more strongly you express them, the better person you are.

Gstaad—Jeremy Clarke has wiped me out again, for a change. His accounts of the high jinks on board the Spectator cruise had the mother of my children laughing out loud, something she’s not known for among those of us who consider laughing loudly a staggering breach of taste. Never mind, Jeremy’s talents and abilities to describe indescribable situations in prose that makes the reader feel on hand is a badly kept secret among those of us who love good writing. The only thing wrong with Jeremy is that he shows me up week in, week out. And mind you, being the fall guy does not suit me one bit. Plus, I hope not to fall this week in Amsterdam, where I’m competing in the World Veterans Judo Championships. This is my last competition ever. I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it, just like the girl who said no to her first kiss opportunity.

The reason I’m quitting is the training. It’s getting much too hard. Last week I was in bed with the flu for four days, then my coach Brian arrived from New York and we went straight into it. Brian is 28, a student of the greatest judoka who ever lived, Yamashita Sensei, and fighting him is analogous to being dynamited by a sushi dish. He looks polite, friendly and smiling, until he throws you. You land rather hard. Judo requires great lung capacity. I’m a smoker and that’s what handicaps me during a tournament. I’m always out of breath, huffing and puffing against men who are mostly slower and weaker. But they tend to cling, hold, and somehow make my life miserable between fags and other exotic substances. It’s not a life, really, and I’m seriously contemplating becoming a bird-watcher at age 79.

“The Greek elections take place the day before the judo championships. I’m not so sure which event is more important.”

Nevertheless, Amsterdam it is, and an added burden is that my son J.T. is coming over from Paris to watch his old man make a fool of himself. It is the first time I’ve had someone come to watch me compete, and it’s making me nervous as hell. And I know exactly how it’s going to end. I do not want to be thrown right away by a counter, so I will fight conservatively instead of doing it the Panzer way. But back to the training grind. The most important thing before a competition is the strategy. More often than not one enters the mat and gets flustered when the opponent attacks unconventionally. So what one does in training is to practice against left-handed and right-handed holds. My strategy is to respond to the opponent’s power arm with a stiff arm to their collar. This allows me to sense subtle shifts in weight, changes in direction, and resistance to determine the appropriate time to pull, push, and—most important—when to attack. Ah, but an attack leaves one open for a counter, unless it’s a perfect one. Every move has a counter and every counter has a counter, and on and on it goes, and the best man wins more often than not. Unless he’s a smoker and a lover of the high life and other terminological anachronisms like the good life. I won the world’s championship big-time in Brussels in 2008, and I say big-time because I threw my opponent in the final with a leg pick, my specialty, but then the crooks who run judo disallowed the throw, so now I feel a bit like that ghastly Lord Bristol must have felt once he had lost his stately home and all his moola. Just another face in the crowd. Bristol did the right thing and died soon after. I hope to keep going and will let you know the results next week.

The Greek elections, of course, have become something of a monthly, or even weekly, event. They take place the day before the judo championships. I’m not so sure which event is more important. Does it really matter who will be in charge when so much is to be determined by the country’s creditors? Does it matter who is prime minister to oversee a bailout that guarantees misery for millions of Greeks? Of course not. Any liar will do, actually. It reminds me of Brussels back in 2008. Across my hotel was a Catholic church, and Arabs were kicking a ball in the courtyard and spitting against the walls. Some of us were watching this outrage but were warned by the concierge not to interfere. The police would take their side, he told us, and they would be back in force the next day looking to punish anyone who interfered. This is the same Brussels that is telling us to take in more Islamists or else. The same Jean-Claude Juncker who is ordering us around from his ch”teau in Luxembourg, a nation that fought the Wehrmacht to a standstill, and from a country that has given the world Goethe, Shakespeare, Socrates, and Plato, not to mention Newton, Edison, and even Donald Trump. Yes, we’re all from Luxembourg now, all united and one, thanks to what that slob Jean-Claude tells us. I say that when I go on the mat in Amsterdam, I will think of that slob and pretend I’m fighting him and hopefully I’ll do okay. Yippee!

Westerners used to just barge into countries, take them over, and make them better. Before the British invaded, India was just a really hot homeless shelter. The U.K. left in 1947 after trying to sort out India’s Muslim problem and the infrastructure they built immediately began to crumble. The same happened to Haiti after 1804 and Jamaica after 1962. It was obvious the West was the best. Today, however, when foreigners fly planes into our skyscrapers and rape our children, we apologize. What the fuck happened?

I remember on September 12th, 2001, in NYC’s Union Square there were people holding signs that said “€œJustice Not Revenge.”€ The first instinct for much of the country seemed to be avoiding Islamophobia. To this day we have a crippling fear of it. Islamophobiaphobia is so severe, any Muslim circus clown can send his kid to school with a fake bomb and instead of charging the father with child endangerment, we invite the boy to the White House. When this first happened, I assumed Obama was duped. Now I”€™m not so sure. I don”€™t think he cares if the clock looks like a bomb. He saw #IStandWithAhmed trending and decided he”€™d like to be part of it. It’s like black people still wearing T-shirts that say “€œHands Up Don”€™t Shoot.”€ They don”€™t care about the truth. They just like the story.

“€œIran used to have chicks in miniskirts working in science labs. Today these same women are being stoned to death for being raped.”€

In case you”€™re not familiar with the story (it’s already dying on the vine), Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed is a Muslim prankster and publicity hound who is constantly harping about Islamophobia. His daughter was suspended for making bomb threats at school. His brother started a company last year called Twin Towers Corporation. He has made very public campaigns about running for president of Sudan even though it’s a dictatorship. He drove to Florida after Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn the Koran and represented the book as its lawyer (he failed”€”the Koran burned). The guy is a complete idiot who debates like a teenager lying to his dad. A week and a half ago, Mohamed’s son Ahmed brought a clock to school that had been torn out of its case and put in a new case in such a way, it resembled a bomb. The first teacher he showed it to told him to put it away. Then, in English class, he either plugged it in or affixed a battery so the alarm would go off. It did and the teacher did what she was supposed to. When the police arrived, Ahmed was so elusive they were forced to detain him. The crime they were accusing him of was creating a fake bomb to cause a disturbance. This is a misdemeanor, and I haven”€™t seen any evidence he’s innocent. Despite the case being a no-brainer, the entire country screamed ISLAMOPHOBIA and lay prostrate before the Mohamed family. MIT and Google invited Ahmed for a tour. Mark Zuckerberg offered an internship. Microsoft sent him $10,000 of merch. Hillary Clinton tweeted Ahmed and the president of the fucking United States invited him to bring his “€œcool clock”€ to the White House. The boy smiled a big toothy grin and said, “€œI am pleased that they”€™re part of the action”€”the movement.”€

I”€™m not. I think this kid’s father used his own son as a ploy to garner sympathy for Islam. This is an old trick in the Muslim world. They constantly use children as soldiers to detect mines or simply take bullets. They know it kills us to kill kids and they prey on our morality. Ahmed’s school is trying to tell the world that they are innocent, but El-Hassan refuses to release the records. We can”€™t force him because Ahmed is a minor. These Muslims see our privacy laws as a weakness they can use against us, even if that means endangering their own children. If this were Israel, Ahmed would have a bullet in his head. Cultural terrorists like the Mohameds know we don”€™t do that so they come here to exploit our system. We see the same behavior when mass shooters choose gun-free zones to carry out their attacks. We”€™re happy to send home white kids when they wear an American-flag shirt or bite a Pop-Tart in a threatening manner, but when a Muslim kid brings a fake bomb to school, the first reaction is “€œWhat can my country do for you?”€

It can be safely assumed that Morad Almuradi will not come to Munich anytime soon. Because Morad delivered, and for this we should be truly grateful, a hilarious coup de grâce to the incessantly touted notion that Germany’s state-sponsored migrant tsunami could be in any way manageable. Based in Amsterdam, one of liberalism’s foremost strongholds, Morad is a pious Muslim from distant Morocco who took offense at our soon-to-be-celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich and thus wants it scrapped once and for all. 

His bone of contention is not only the rivers of booze in which the giant festival sails happily along but also the multiple displays of magnificent bosoms that rest in precariously low-cut décolletés and belong to equally magnificent young ladies in dirndl dresses who serve Bavarian beer in huge tankards to local and foreign visitors alike. Keeping in mind the progressive substitution of indigenous Krauts with largely Muslim intruders, Morad worries in a dubious petition blog conveniently called about the present emotions and future salvation of his beleaguered coreligionists.

“€œWe docile and ever-repentant Germans are finally fed up, and this wondrous occurrence has engendered a turn of the tide that could develop into a real tsunami for those in power.”€

Even if this is quickly and unconvincingly declared to be a fake, it is an arrow that aims straight at the heart of every feeling German. Concurring to such an absurd demand, as has happened elsewhere far too often in the past, would augur the ultimate surrender in an epoch where surrender has been flaunted as the supreme politically correct comportment. That is, at least in “€œAbsurdistan,”€ as Germany is nowadays called by its more sarcastic burghers. Yet something finally stirs, and it can be a safe bet that vast numbers of Bavarians and their allies would band together and defend the hallowed merrymaking with hayfork and cudgel if the situation demands it. Which might also entail a spot of tarring and feathering for Morad himself if he ever decides to turn up and press his petition. And which I, as a decent Christian, and thus at the risk of a few more eons in Purgatory, would nevertheless heartily condone.

This inane anecdote may seem somewhat frivolous to the detached reader, yet it is in fact a rather solemn one. Because we docile and ever-repentant Germans are finally fed up, and this wondrous occurrence has engendered a turn of the tide that could develop into a real tsunami for those in power. With other words, even the farthest hillbilly in lederhosen realizes by now that it isn”€™t Christian compassion, trendy commiseration, or just downright incompetence on the part of our rulers who import hordes of aliens who openly declare their sacred intention to subjugate us and cut off our heads as decreed by their prophet, but part of a sinister machination that somehow got terribly out of hand. 

Because what really happened is that entire quarters in cities and towns alike have turned into no-go areas where the law won”€™t tread anymore. Ruled by vicious clans from Albania, Turkey, Lebanon, et al who run the usual rackets, they also sell you stolen BMWs or fake Syrian passports, deadly crack or underage girls hooked on heroin, transplant kidneys or just plain murder on demand. Meanwhile, Germany on the whole has become a paradise for foreign miscreants who occasionally commit crimes so cruel and horrible that it defies any imagination and who, if caught at all by an entirely overworked police, are considered most benignly by liberal judges who tread the officially decreed line and do not jeopardize their careers. This state of affairs is massively backed up by a subservient media that will never divulge names and nationalities of culprits, but mentions in the best of cases that the lad was squat and had a “€œsouthlandish”€ demeanor. These policies are understandable if one knows who pays the journalists. The publisher of Die Zeit, for example, once one of Germany’s most revered gazettes and now rapidly in decline, is on the payroll of at least seven different NGOs, all owned by the CIA, the State Department, and similar transatlantic outfits.

He and his lot were the first who caught a whiff of the slowly changing tide. It began with a ridiculously biased covering of the illegal coup d”€™Ã©tat in Ukraine and moved on to a rapidly increasing and equally illegal influx of migrants and refugees. Suddenly the word for “€œlying press”€ made the rounds and gathered momentum, so much so that it was elected by a profoundly miffed media as the “€œUn-word of the Year.”€ Which, needless to say, got widely and gleefully proliferated by an always more renitent readership.