Ezra Levant just put out a pro-fracking book and he’s one of the few media personalities who refuse to kowtow to the Marxist con. When he held a pro-Israeli rally in Calgary last week, liberals showed up and began chanting “€œHeil Hitler”€ at the Jews. This doesn”€™t fit the peace and love narrative of the left, so the reporter decided to ignore it. Having the Tea Party say horrible shit does fit the narrative, so the press simply assumed in 2010 that they called someone a nigger. The late Andrew Breitbart offered $10,000 for proof but nobody came forward because it never happened. So, the Tea Party gets called racist for things they didn”€™t say but when liberals do exactly that, it never happened.

A fun game I like to play with these people is to ask for numbers. They hate math almost as much as they hate the truth and there are very few open borders advocates who know how many illegals there are in this country. The fact that they”€™ve never looked it up is proof that they don”€™t care. When I tell them the number is upwards of 15 million they say we could handle way more. When I ask them to give me an actual number that’s too much for them, they can”€™t. I”€™ve gotten these clowns to advocate 100 million illegals rather than concede defeat. It’s ironic because 100 million illegals is the very definition of America’s defeat. They say infinite immigration is inevitable because we can”€™t just put that many people on a bus and send them home”€”end of discussion. There is a solution, however. It’s called attrition. Once you make it a tiny bit more difficult to hire illegals, they start going home of their own accord in droves. Most liberals don”€™t even know what attrition means.

They also shy away from giving numbers on education. “€œHow much do we spend per student?”€ I ask them. They have no clue and will often say, “€œWhatever it is, it’s not enough.”€ Again, when you tell them it’s around $11k, they say it should be more. I once saw John Stossel get an administrator up to $50k without admitting that’s too much. How about a million dollars? That’s how much the president offered everyone in America in the movie Idiocracy.

I was arguing with Marc Maron recently about education and he brought out the old tropes, saying the problem is “€œsystemic”€ and “€œit’s not a matter of changing just one thing.”€ Yes it is. Make it possible to fire teachers and the problem is solved. We”€™ve already seen this happen here in New York with charter schools. They are cleaning up, especially in black areas, and liberals can”€™t handle it. They hate that the free market is good for blacks. Black suffering is their bread and butter. The New York Times clenched their teeth when they were forced to admit Harlem kids “€œthrive”€ in charter schools and quickly blurted out that “€œschool choice is no cure-all!”€

This isn”€™t about reporting or solving problems or even knowing what the truth is. The modern left is virtually indistinguishable from a Socialist propaganda machine. They invent problems so they can rail against the rich white males and when rich white males solve them, they become apoplectic. The problem with this kind of behavior is it ends up hurting everyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

Polio doesn”€™t care what race you are. It just wants to infect your spine. We came up with a way to stop this by vaccinating children with a tiny dose at a young age, and as of a few years ago, it was gone. Liberals decided vaccines were part of an evil conspiracy to make children autistic. The pharmaceutical companies are to blame and the government is too scared to step in. Upper-middle-class liberals have begun refusing the vaccine and guess what, polio is back. I”€™m sure the non-English-speaking immigrants whose kids get smallpox at school will be happy to know they were being protected from autism by a rich, white mom who read a blog. Once again, their relentless idiocy is as funny as it is deadly.

If you want to free the oppressed, leave them alone. The more these greater-good socialists get involved, the more people die. They tell Africans to continue burning noxious dung because anything else would be bad for the environment. When they start dying from malaria, we send them nets instead of DDT. We are killing Africa with kindness. Don”€™t any of these do-gooders give a shit? No. Caring is fashion to them. They could care less about the depressing reality of true poverty.

Three-quarters of the world is starving. After seeing the intense suffering of Mexico’s poor, white male Norman Borlaug devoted his entire career to finding a way to feed the world. He came up with new strains of ultra-hardy grains that were used all over the world and eventually saved a billion lives. Instead of getting accolades from the left, Borlaug died in semi-obscurity, known only to a few nerds and chemistry professors. His inventions are reviled as chemical abominations by the left. I remember seeing some Venice Beach hippy on the show Bullshit being asked about all the lives that were saved by what he called “€œFrankenfood”€ and he replied, “€œYeah, but what kind of life is that to live?”€ Uh, why don”€™t we leave it up to the child with the distended belly to decide what foods he”€™d like to refuse?

MSNBC say they “€œLean Forward”€ and their audience calls themselves progressive but they are stuck at the bottom of history with cement shoes on their feet. They refuse to move forward. They wail, “€œAmerica is evil”€ and then stick their fingers in their ears and yell “€œLa la la la la!”€ when you try to work it out.

Deep down, liberals know they are full of shit. They believe pretending to believe all this crap is a means to an end and we”€™ll all be better off when they run our lives. They”€™ll lament it on their deathbeds but there won”€™t be anyone there because they never had kids. History will forget these fools and I don”€™t give a shit about them. I”€™m inspired by the people who plow through this garbage and call a spade a spade no matter what the consequences. I”€™m talking about brave souls such as Ezra Levant, Anthony Cumia, Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld, Kathy Shaidle, Bill Whittle, Jared Taylor, Dana Loesch, A.J. Delgado, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Charles C. Johnson, Mary Katharine Ham, James O”€™Keefe, John Bolton, Sean Hannity, Phelim McAleer, K.T. McFarland, Mark Steyn, Steve Sailer, Jon Derbyshire, Steven Pinker, Thomas Sowell, Charles Murray, Peter Brimelow, Jonah Goldberg, John Stossel, Doug Stanhope, Jim Goad, Naomi Schaefer Riley, Katie Pavlich, Charles Krauthammer, Kevin D. Williamson, and Garfunkel and Oates. These people don”€™t lie to win an argument. They speak uncomfortable truths because that’s the right thing to do. They”€™re the ones who will be remembered because, as Horace Greeley put it, “€œFame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character.”€


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