February 18, 2011

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

While ol”€™ Rod can”€™t stop bringing babies into the world, it seems George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis are not passing on their perfect genes to the next generation. The model spoke out about getting pregnant, saying it’s “€œnever been an objective for me”€ and that her “€œmaternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs.”€

First she blew the roof off the Grammys with her outrageous performance of “€œForget You”€ with Cee Lo Green, and now Gwyneth Paltrow is patching up a musical feud. Kings of Leon and Glee creator Ryan Murphy were locked in a war of words after the band didn”€™t want their songs sung on the poppy show. In response, Murphy called the rockers “€œself-centered”€ and the band’s drummer told him to “€œgo buy a bra.”€ But now all is well after Gwynnie arranged a text message truce between the two.

It’s hard to tell who got punk”€™d in this situation. Lindsay Lohan was reportedly going to present the Top 10 list on David Letterman’s Late Night, then dropped out at the last minute. Apparently little Lilo didn”€™t know about the gig”€”it was arranged by her simultaneously absentee and overbearing father. Letterman apologized to the actress on his show with his typically dry wit, saying he hoped he didn”€™t embarrass her or her family.

And in more dysfunctional family news, Billy Ray Cyrus took to the pages of GQ to clear up one thing: He hates the show that made his daughter”€”and him”€”very very rich. He wishes he could go back in time and erase Miley’s hit show Hannah Montana so they could all be a happy and normal family. But then the “€œAchy Breaky Heart”€ singer probably wouldn”€™t be featured in GQ“€”or anywhere else”€”so it’s unclear if he”€™d be comfortable ditching his own fame, too.


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