June 22, 2015

Source: Charleston County Sheriff

As with last week’s Charleston shooting, racial animus appeared to be a motivating factor for Thornton. The main difference is that you”€™ve likely never heard of Omar Thornton, while you are already painfully aware of Dylann Roof.

That is no coincidence. I”€™d even suggest it’s by design.

I suspect the double standard exists to simultaneously whip up black rage and white resentment. As it is currently configured, our media/government complex focuses almost exclusively on anti-black horror stories”€”whether real or imagined”€”while it outright ignores or buries stories about black-on-white violence.

This creates unnecessary resentment on both sides. Blacks get the false impression that they”€™re being disproportionately murdered by whites”€”rather than, you know, other blacks. And many whites who”€™ve been victimized by black violence feel that either no one believes them, no one cares about them, or that everyone feels that they deserved it anyway because of, you know, history and stuff.

How is that anything but a divisive strategy? How can either side win a game with rules like that?

“€œWe don”€™t need any more bloodshed and we don”€™t need a race war,”€ black activist J. Denise Cromwell told a reporter. “€œCharleston has a lot of racial tension….We”€™re drowning and someone is pouring water over us.”€

A white friend messaged me with much the same sentiment:

Situations like Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, etc. are manipulated and exploited to support a narrative. A narrative, that for all intents and purposes, would have had the Manson Family jizzing in their bell-bottomed pants in delight. I’m leery as hell. We’re all getting played against each other. We’re the starving tigers at a Chinese zoo being taunted with meat in the hopes that we’ll fight.

I, too, have the queasy sense that strings are being pulled and that we”€™re being lured into a war that’s being set up to happen whether we like it or not.

Summer only officially began yesterday. Fire up your air conditioners, because I have a feeling this one’s going to be long and hot.


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