July 09, 2014

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Gallup found the urge to move to the U.S. high among Central Americans: 14 percent of Guatemalans would like to come here, as well as 15 percent of Nicaraguans, 18 percent of Hondurans, and 19 percent of Salvadorans.

Do they need to be here because they are starving to death at home? In a 2004 Presidential debate, George W. Bush encouraged illegal immigration by telling foreigners, “€œ…you”€™re going to come here if you”€™re worth your salt, if you want to put food on the table for your families.”€

Yet life expectancies are now over three score and ten years in all Central American countries, with Costa Ricans outliving Americans.

Fortunately, Latin America now suffers less from hunger than from too much food on the table. Mexico has overtaken the U.S. for the title of the large country with the highest percentage of obese adults, 33 percent to 32 percent. But little Belize in Central America tips the scales at 35 percent, and obesity rates in the other Central American banana republics range from 20 percent in Honduras to 27 percent in El Salvador.

Granted, Central Americans commit murder at appalling rates. But why that is a good argument for admitting huge numbers of unaccompanied adolescent Central American boys remains unexplained.

Our rulers protest that the Mesoamerican surge is a misinterpretation of the letter of the law. And why haven”€™t they read all the New York Times editorials calling Obama the Deporter-in-Chief? The Central Americans seem to believe that’s just a hoax cooked up by Democrats and the media to gull voters.

After all, for at least the last two years, the bipartisan establishment has been denouncing any American citizen so racist as to ask for the immigration laws to be finally enforced. Somehow, Central Americans have gotten the idea that President Obama, Senator McCain, Univision, the Chamber of Commerce, the Democratic Party, Silicon Valley, the billionaire donors to the Republican Party, the Catholic Church, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal all favor their children showing up in vast numbers.  

Seriously, the border boarders are here because they are responding rationally to the Narrative our elites have been propounding. It is intimated repeatedly that not only are average white American citizens demographically doomed, but that they deserve their fate due to their ancestral guilt. Thus, American citizens have no moral right to defend their territory.

We need to change not just the laws, but the Narrative.


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