August 18, 2011

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith

And I wake up screaming, “ALLAHU AKBAR!” at the top of my voice in Gstaad’s bucolic setting. As Blücher told Wellington at the end of the Battle of Waterloo, “Quelle affaire!” They say that we have built a culture based on wealth and celebrity—which we certainly have—but does that entitle youths to go out and loot? Here in Gstaad you have some awfully rich people who show off mightily and disgustingly. But I don’t see any young Swiss throwing rocks and plundering the expensive boutiques that line the village’s main street. That’s because if they do they will go to prison for a long stretch and no one will write excuses for them à la Charlie Gilmour—who in a sense is the patron saint of the gangsters, their Captain Cook, their first martyr.

Here’s the difference between Switzerland and England: The Swiss work, as do their youth. No one stays in bed until midday on benefits and can afford drugs and booze—also on benefits. I don’t know the marriage statistics, but I don’t see many Swiss women out hooking whose children’s father is out looting. No, the collapse of the PIGS and the riots in Britain should confirm what many Swiss know: Europe is a rotting carcass and they should stay as far from it as possible.

I like what David Starkey said, that the English language has become a Jamaican patois and that is why so many British people feel as if they’re in a foreign country. Good old Enoch knew what he was talking about, but now we dare not use his name. As I said at the start, blah, blah, blah, we are all racists and Harriet Harman will put us right, as will the BBC and Jon Snow.

All David Cameron needed to do as soon as he got into office was to follow Iain Duncan Smith’s initiatives where welfare policy is concerned. The Centre for Social Justice, which was Smith’s brainchild, has produced all the recommendations he would ever need to stop the rot of people living off other people’s taxes while drinking and taking drugs. Iain Duncan Smith should be allowed to finish his work on social issues, then become a sort of Tsar of the Underclass, an all-powerful minister extraordinaire to deal with broken Britain. Anything else is BS. Ken Clarke should be shown the door, and unceremoniously at that. Cameron should immediately go to the polls and ask who rules Britain, and the absolute must is to scrap the Human Rights Act now that the scrapping is hot. A prime ministerial ukase: No foreign judge is going to tell us how to deal with criminals.

If he follows Taki’s advice he will win big time, but don’t hold your breath. The world is in a snarl because our so-called leaders still follow Karl—as in Marx—as do the Fifth Columnists who go under the name of the Fourth Estate. Allahu, Allahu Akbar!



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