May 27, 2014

NIgel Farage

NIgel Farage

And there are a lot of pregnant Nigerian ladies out there. By 2050, the population of Nigeria will be a staggering 400 million. It’s a country as corrupt and badly run as any in Africa, and fast descending into civil war, thanks to relentless terrorist atrocities. (Would these terrorists be Muslims? Got it in one!) Where would most Nigerians like to come and live instead? Britain looks nice …

The EU makes it almost impossible for member states to remove illegal immigrants, because it’s “€œagainst their human rights.”€ At every turn, the EU looks like the enemy of Britain, of our independent sovereignty, of good and sensible national government. It has become a socialist dream-engine, and the people of Britain know in their bones that socialist dream-engines have a way of reducing millions of human beings to abject misery.

The statistics are terrifying. By 2050, ethnic minorities will make up a third of Britain’s population. Black Africans are the fastest growing group in the country. After centuries, even millennia, as a remarkably homogeneous and comparatively peaceful and stable society, Britain has been overturned by a few decades of ideologically-driven mass immigration. And those immigrants have dangerously little in common with us, no sense of kinship or history, and couldn”€™t integrate even if they wanted to. The Afghan stowaways, the Somali boat people, even the calculating Nigerian momma”€”they are not to blame. They want an easier life.

It’s our own left-wing, internationalist ruling class that is to blame, and that has been so furiously trounced in these elections. The psychology of the left here is impossible to fully grasp, but it looks like post-colonial self-hatred, a white disgust at whiteness.

Consider our BBC, once the envy of the world, now a doctrinaire mouthpiece. Not long ago, its white director-general denounced it as “€œhideously white.”€ Can you imagine anyone, anywhere, getting away with the phrase “€œhideously black?”€

The BBC is paid for by a mandatory tax called the television license fee. It’s supposed to represent the taxpayers”€™ views fairly. But like most of our institutions, the BBC is now firmly in the hands of the minority left-liberal ruling class”€”and like all ruling classes when they feel a threat from majority discontent, it’s becoming ever more intolerant and repressive.

A week ago, a lady called Jasmine Lawrence sent a Tweet about UKIP. Lawrence is a senior editor of the BBC’s rolling news channel. She tweeted dismissively that UKIP, the single most popular political party in Britain at the moment, exists solely for “€œwhite, middle class, middle aged men w sexist/racist views.”€ And nothing is more evil and irrecoverably racist and sexist than a white middle-aged middle-class man.

You might think a statement of such insulting contempt for nearly a third of the tax-paying population she is supposed to serve would be enough to remove Ms. Lawrence from her job. Nope. She shuttered her Twitter account and was taken off election coverage.

Our democracy is in a strange state, and our future as a nation and a people is at grave risk, but at least, for now, it seems that we can vote for a party that represents what we want. Nearly a third of us see immigration as the biggest divisional issue, and want above all for Britain to remain largely, ethnically British.

Such a desire is not racist in any meaningful sense. Viewing another ethnic group as intrinsically inferior is racist. Massacring 800,000 members of a slightly different-looking neighboring tribe with machetes is racist. China’s conduct toward Tibet is underpinned by profound racism, and both European and Arabic enslavement of black Africans over many centuries was racist.

But for an Englishman to say that he likes his country the way it is, and wants it to stay that way, for his children, and his children’s children, is not racist. Nor would it be racist for a Pakistani to object to Islamabad suddenly becoming one-third white English (unlikely as that may be), or for a Nigerian to decry his country’s becoming a third Japanese (again, unlikely). With UKIP’s robust, outspoken, anti-EU and anti-immigration triumph in this election, it seems that a significant percentage of the British people feel the same, and are now, at last, daring to say so. 



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