January 10, 2013

But the “€œother French,”€ as Georges Bernanos called the denizens of the real France, have not vanished from the field despite their lack of political representation in the organs of political power. Some are dispossessed Pieds-Noirs and their descendants, and a few hold dear the memory of Marshal Petain. But most adhere to one or another of the various strands of French Royalism: Action Français, Legitimism, the Alliance Royale, and many others. They read journals such as Rivarol and Chire. Divided as they are over such things as the succession dispute between the Senior and Orleans branches of the House of Bourbon, they do come together over certain things”€“without a doubt they will turn out in force on the 13th.

They will remind their countrymen that it was France’s monarchy and Church that created her, and that there is another path than that which the nation’s current oligarchy has led her down. If the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Louises led personal lives worthy of Messrs. Hollande and Mitterand, they never dreamed of altering marriage itself, let alone confiscating 75% of the income of any of their subjects, rich or poor. For such believers as these, the republican and secular path shall lead France to utter ruin”€“national extinction and sharia law.

Every nation of Europe suffers the same division that Maurras saw in France. Regardless of what one thinks of either altar or throne, sheer demographics dictate that these nations must change their course or die.

Image of flag courtesy of Shutterstock


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