October 27, 2016

Source: Bigstock

The fact that your spouse doesn”€™t agree with your candidate is an issue, but your vows said you would honor them “€œfor richer, for poorer.”€ In The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead, Charles Murray says you shouldn”€™t marry someone who is fundamentally different from you. “€œMarry someone with similar tastes and preferences,”€ he says. “€œThe ones that affect life almost every day.”€ Once you are married, he says, “€œBe prepared to live with whatever bothers you or forget it.”€ A different candidate than she originally hoped for may bother her, but she needs to get over that. Women are generally worse at voting than men, but even if she’s a political-science PhD and he’s a retard, she should vote retard. If he vacillates from Dem to Republican, so should she. If he makes the wrong choice about who to vote for, she should do that with him. Military men move all over the world because they believe it’s best not just for their family but for America. Sometimes they”€™re stuck in Stuttgart for four years. We”€™ve been stuck with a single mom from Hawaii for almost eight.

A happy wife means a happy life, but castrated husbands get dumped. Trump husbands need to put their foot down and fight for a united family because that’s how we get a united America. Full disclosure, my wife insists she is voting for Hillary. We argue about it every time it comes up and I can”€™t control her but if she pulls the lever for this criminal, we are going to have a fight that the neighbors will be talking about for years. If you see me with cobwebs on my dick in December, it means I lost.


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