Ann Coulter

Maybe Ann has a point. When told, “€œwe”€™re a nation of immigrants”€ a couple of years ago she came back with, “€œEvery nation is a nation of immigrants. Do people imagine the British simply emerged from the mud as proper, common law-respecting, tea-drinking Englishmen? The Romans occupied it, the Normans invaded, Germanic tribes replaced the Normans…”€

The whole “€œput them all on a bus”€ thing appeared to be a misnomer too. The Center of Immigration Studies has noticed the solution is much simpler: attrition. Simply by tweaking the system just a bit and making it slightly less easy to hire illegals “€“ simply by glorifying this flawed process a little less, the illegals tend to go home on their own volition. (Incidentally, when Mexico discovers illegals they literally do put them on a bus and send them home.)

Eventually, it became impossible not to pick up Adios, America. Immediately after, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. In the chapter “€œCarlos Slim: The New York Times”€™ Sugar Daddy”€ we learn why the Times prefers platitudes to data. Slim is the world’s richest man and after saving the paper from bankruptcy, fluff pieces on Carlos began to appear as well as diligent exposes on the merits of illegal immigration from which Slim benefits greatly. He’s a telecom baron so calling home and sending money back provides him with exorbitant cuts each time.

The real wake-up call in the book are the crime statistics. “€œYou will spend more time trying to obtain basic crime stats about immigrants in America than trying to sign up for Obamacare”€ she writes. In the “€œImmigrants and Crime”€ chapter we learn the government has extensive data on the exact count of Samoans without battery-powered radios (2,651 in 2010) but very little on immigrants and crime. The data that is there gets skewed by conflating Hispanic with white and excluding cases such as children born to illegals and immigration detainees.

When she finally breaks through to real numbers we discover Hispanics committed half the murders in Texas in 2014 (a stat Northeastern University professor Ramiro Martinez Jr. claims to have refuted simply by saying it “€œboggles the mind”€). Ann finally finds the big answers such as, “€œForeign inmates are 70% more likely to have committed a violent crime than American criminals.”€

Hate facts like these are hidden because of the massive incentives to hide the facts. Young people don”€™t like them because they”€™re mean. Immigrants hate them because they”€™re in them. The Democrats and Republicans both hate them because they”€™re convinced more Mexicans means more votes. Big business hates them because cheap labor means more profits for the CEOs. Fortunately, we still live in a country with the first amendment so if someone says something shocking, we can look it up. Turns out, the doomsday villain is right and it’s the real bad guys who are telling us everything’s going to be okay.


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