December 08, 2010

Dear Delphi,

My father’s girlfriend is a gold-digging social climber that does not really love him, but he just doesn”€™t see it. What can I do?

“€”Blind Dad in Brussels

Dear Blind Dad in Brussels,

Alas, why do you think men make money in the first place? They make money to attract women and buy themselves big boy toys. The more money and toys you have, the better-looking and younger the women who will exploit you. All men know this in theory. They will even tell you so if questioned about why 26-year-old Sally is dating their 57-year-old good friend Sam. However, there is a complete disconnect in their brains when they find themselves in the same situation, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe it is related to genetic code and the preservation of the species. Maybe it is the misreading of mating signals because men are too out-of-touch with their monkey ancestors”€™ raw instincts. Maybe it is simply blind ego, but all men think any woman who just smiles at them, helps them in any small way, or simply looks at them is not only flirting with them, but truly likes them and only them. Regardless of whether a waitress serves a room full of men the same cup of coffee with the same smile, each man will individually think she smiled at them not because she is doing her job”€”that is why she smiled at the other men”€”but because she likes him.

You will never truly convince him that the gold-digging social climber is after him for money or prestige, so don”€™t even bother. Focus your energies on convincing him to get a prenuptial agreement, and write his will in favor of his children.


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