February 22, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

The writer of the circular seems to think that the entire world is now a giant film set in which we are all actors.

The intoxicating mix of TV stardom, fantasy, intrigue, competitions, offers, financial incentives and commercial benefits and the re-scheduling, reorganizing and overtaking of everyone’s lives for the purposes of the film set and the cause of a supposed secret charity business, has encouraged people to relinquish their autonomy and disarmed and suspended their own judgment, intellect and reason. Are you thinking for yourself or are you being told what to do? Do you receive any other information about what is going on other than from the “€˜Machine”€™ itself? Is it accurate information or is it a marketing game? Are you being manipulated by incentives to take part in something that is for your benefit or is it really more for the benefit of the owners of a huge business machine that you are funding?

This seems an excellent metaphorical description of life in modern mass society. Perhaps I should start taking the pills. Paranoia never lies far below the level of consciousness. 


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