July 24, 2015

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Source: Shutterstock

What little remains of the political right in America needs to stop pretending the country harbors a silent, secret conservative majority. The United States is a liberal place where personal autonomy is valued above tradition. There is no sense in trying to impose our moral vision on the rest of the country. If American democracy is a game, then conservatives have lost. Fully and openly. It’s true what Mark Citadel says, that “€œyou cannot win within a closed system that does not allow for anti-Liberal policies to stand for any grand length of time.”€ We may not be able to win, but we can surely lessen the damage that is inevitable.

A good start would be Sen. Rand Paul’s bill to shut off the spigot of federal money flowing to sanctuaries like San Francisco. If city officials don”€™t want to uphold federal law, there is no reason they should get federal dollars.


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