Hillary Clinton

That doesn’t sound like a drive for equality to me; it sounds like a lust for vengeance.

A girl recently texted me about a female friend of hers who’s getting married:

She doesn’t want a loving respectful relationship with a husband – she wants reparations from men. She told me probably about a month ago something like, something like, “I’m not trying to turn a kitten into a lion but you have to learn to be an apex predator – be mean to men…it’s your birthright.”

I’m currently in Brooklyn to cover the election in various capacities. Last night I chanced upon this sign near a subway stop:


I’m sure I will be dismissed as paranoid and uptight for suspecting that this sign is a wee bit more than a joke. But I will be dismissed by precisely the same people who’d shit their diapers and call the police if the word “GIRLS” had been swapped out with “BOYS.”

The air is thick with misandry. Can you smell it? Angry women may put Hillary over the top in order that she can put men at the bottom. And it won’t be about equality”€”it’ll be about reparations.

Animosity between the sexes is natural rather than a “social construct.” It is so pervasive that it may be genetically hardwired. But in the current climate, such animosity is only being encouraged in one direction, while it is demonized in the other. When people talk about “sexism,” it’s as if galloping misandry doesn’t exist.

If you even remark on the double standard, they cackle that you’re a “scared little boy” and they’ve “touched a nerve.”

Gender shouldn’t be an issue in this election or any other. But if women insist on making it one, men would be wise to follow suit.

And in the nightmare scenario that she wins, men would also be wise to heed the advice of dead gay junkie William S. Burroughs:

Find yourself in a matriarchy walk don’t run to the nearest frontier.


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