Christopher DeGroot

Christopher DeGroot

Christopher DeGroot is the editor of The Agonist. His writing has appeared in The American Spectator, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, New English Review, Jacobite Magazine, The Unz Review, VoegelinView, Splice Today, Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, and elsewhere. Follow him at @CEGrotius.

Cultural Caviar

Harold Bloom

The Cultural Levelers Lose a Formidable Foe

Oct 18 2019

The cultural levelers lost a formidable foe this week, the literary critic Harold Bloom dying on Monday at 89 years old. Bloom was still teaching


The Woke Sports Fraud

Oct 11 2019

Throughout his brilliant career, Michael Jordan was notoriously silent on political issues, even though many people urged him to speak out in support of left-wing

Crime and Punishment

The Epidemic of Police Violence Against Blacks: A Persistent Myth

Oct 04 2019

The mainstream media embarrassed itself again last week by propagating another hate hoax. A 12-year-old black girl in the D.C. suburbs claimed that three white

Deep Thoughts

Chicago, Illinois

Conservatism’s Cluelessness About Race

Sep 27 2019

Last month Splinter published an article that exposed the leaked emails of some conservatives who between them had worked for the Institute for Humane Studies,

Bitch, Please!

Multicultural Frauds

Sep 13 2019

The eventual price of affluence, in both the individual and his culture, is the weakening of the judgment. Softened by sentimentalism, and reflecting moral and

Cultural Caviar

Love Under Liberalism

Sep 06 2019

“We are not very much to blame for our bad marriages. We live amid hallucinations; and this especial trap is laid to trip up our

All About Me

Why Americans Should Distrust “Mental Health Experts”

Aug 30 2019

A couple of psychiatrists appeared on CNN on Sunday to discuss the president, and their exchange serves as an apt reminder of why Americans, and


Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Noble Savages and the Antiwhite University

Aug 23 2019

Back in April, some activists from a group called SAPP (Students Against Private Police), full of virtue and wanting to inflict it on mankind, occupied


How Trump Can Use Racial Resentment to Get Reelected

Aug 16 2019

On Monday, in a rich discussion with Amy Wax, Glenn Loury said blacks “have to establish through their actual performance” that they are “up to

Culture Clash

Mass Shootings and Mainstream Conservative Twaddle

Aug 09 2019

If dissident rightists spend more time criticizing the official right than criticizing the left, it’s because we know there can’t be a real right in


Nationalism and the Conservative Country Club: Part Two

Aug 02 2019

It is reasonable to believe that some beneficial domestic policies will emerge from the American nationalist movement. Tucker Carlson, Oren Cass, Julius Krein, and others


Nationalism and the Conservative Country Club: Part One

Jul 26 2019

“With the was all or nothing, with no fear of disaster. The fall of states, cities, and kings was considered glorious. That is something

Cultural Caviar

The High Comedy of Asian Conformity

Jul 19 2019

Although it may be surprising to some, given their exceptional success, Asians have the highest poverty rate among racial groups in New York City. And

Cultural Caviar

The White Punishment Project

Jul 12 2019

Parkgoers enjoyed a heartwarming spectacle at Disneyland’s Anaheim location last weekend. It all started in extremely implausible circumstances, when a young black man felt that

Church and State

Yoram Hazony’s Evasion

Jul 05 2019

‘Peace upon earth!’ was said. We sing it, And pay a million priests to bring it. After two thousand years of mass We’ve got as

All About Me

Intersectional Cannibalism

Jun 28 2019

Fire in each eye, and papers in each hand, They rave, recite, and madden round the land. —Pope We value rights because, as the terrible

Cultural Caviar

In What Contexts Should Difficult Truths Be Told?

Jun 21 2019

“Telling difficult truths,” Michael Mosbacher’s article published in Standpoint magazine on May 30, provides a good occasion for considering the value of the public-private distinction.


Hard Problems People Don’t Want to Talk About

Jun 14 2019

In Box v. Planned Parenthood, Justice Ginsburg quips that one of Justice Thomas’ footnotes to his opinion “displays more heat than light.” The description is


The Need for a Secular Right

Jun 07 2019

Just as there are many conservative Jews for whom politics is a one-issue affair—namely, whatever is best for Israel—so there are many conservative Christians for

Cultural Caviar

It Is the Left That Believes in White Male Supremacy

May 31 2019

“Freedom is the dream you dream while putting thought in chains.” —Leopardi On May 10 The Chronicle Review published an article by Andrew Kay called

Crime and Punishment

In Praise of Broken Windows Policing

May 24 2019

For many of us who live in American cities, certain things each year signal the arrival of warm weather: the joyful sounds of children playing

Cultural Caviar

Illustration by Aubrey Beardsley, 1896.

How to Find Meaning After God

May 17 2019

It has become hackneyed to say, like Ivan Karamazov, that without God everything is permitted. And though it is rather simplistic and question-begging, this statement


The Liberty to Hate

May 10 2019

If you want to understand politics, it is instructive to overcome the common prejudice against negative feelings—enmity, hatred, contempt, envy, resentment, and others—because though often

Cultural Caviar

New York Public Library

The Fight Against Politically Correct Literature

May 03 2019

In recent columns I’ve argued that Steven Pinker, Kevin Williamson, and others are terribly wrong to insist that material progress entails a superior form of

Oy Vey!

Binyamin Netanyahu

Get Religion Out of Politics

Apr 26 2019

It is often said that what is most unique about Western civilization derives from Athens and Jerusalem, the former city representing Greek philosophy and the

Cultural Caviar

Kevin Williamson’s Hilarious Sophistry

Apr 19 2019

“Things are in the saddle,/And ride mankind.” —Emerson Last week National Review published an unintentionally funny bit of sophistry by Kevin Williamson. “The division of