Jorge Montojo


Jorge Montojo is the author of numerous books and articles. He lives and writes from Ibiza.

King Juan Carlos I


The King’s Letter

The letter in which HM King Juan Carlos I announced his decision to leave Spain for a whil...

Apocalypse Now

Man to Monkey

It was very predictable that after months of house arrest and a 24/7 fear campaign, any sp...
Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo

PC World

The New PC Index

In today’s world, Vladimir Nabokov would abandon a literary safari to devote himself exc...
Lewis Hamilton


Mood Is a Rhythm

The world turns in fury, a global trend that is arming an urban guerrilla. In the valley o...

The Global Brothel

The Coolidge effect is known as man’s general desire to copulate with every desirable fe...

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