The Editors

The Editors

Nadya Suleman

Afternoon Delight

Octomom, Please Octodie

Nadya Suleman, you are everything that is wrong with the world at the moment. The question isn"€™t what's wrong with you"€”that's obvious. Everything is wrong with you. The real question: Is there anything right with you? You are a repellent, ...

Toeing the Line

Trail of Tees

The price-gouging sweatshop-clothing chain The Gap is enduring a tempest in a T-shirt over a $30 “designer” tee featuring the words MANIFEST DESTINY. What is being described as a “huge outcry,” an “outrage,” and ...


Biden Takes Ryan to the Jerk Store

There is no bigger douchebag in American politics than Joe Biden. There is possibly no bigger douchebag in the solar system. His florid, monster-truck-sized, off-the-charts douchiness was on ample display during Thursday night’s ...


Death of the Obamabots

Mitt Romney kicked Barack Obama’s ass so thoroughly Wednesday night, Attorney General Eric Holder has considered charging him with a hate crime. This gives us throbbing levels of immensely transcendent galaxy-tripping joy not because we think ...

Vile Bodies

Low-Calorie Food Fight!

Students at a Kansas high school are claiming that the government is trying to starve them to death. In the teeny-weeny Great Plains town of Sharon Springs, which is possibly smaller than Michelle Obama's bum, an English teacher and her pupils have ...


Wagging the Dirty Infidel Dog

Dumb Middle Easterners are angrier than ever at the West today, and dumb Americans are angrier than ever at the Muslim world, and we"€™re not sure who's dumber. Fires are blazing across the Middle East as Muslims who have medieval conniptions at ...


An Overdose of Hope

The Democrats are done weaving their web in Charlotte, and wow, what a web it was"€”an intricate lattice of multicolored Silly String that included everyone and said nothing. Did you know that Democrats like the blacks? And the Hispanics? And the ...


A Zero-Watt Affair

If the recently adjourned Republican National Convention was intended to cure insomnia, it was a thundering success. But if it was meant to light a fire under unmotivated voters’ asses, it’s doubtful that it even warmed anyone’s ...


Satan, Thy Name is Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan wants to hurt you. Oh, sure, he may seem nice, but that’s only a mask. In reality, this wonky honky is “a soulless predator” who is either “a pathological liar or mentally ill.” He is also a ...

Paul Krugman and Toomas Henrik Ilves

Afternoon Delight

Estonia to Krugman: Y”€™all Needs to Chill

The ex-Soviet satellite state of Estonia is home to slightly over a million people and is smaller than Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Yet in the contentious debate between "€œausterity"€ and "€œstimulus"€"€”i.e., ceasing to spend ...


In the Wake of Whitney’s Wake

Admittedly it is déclassé to kick someone when they"€™re down and even more so when they"€™re dead. Yet with recent hagiographies of Whitney Houston by well-intended but totally immoderate friends and family, it appears the time has come. ...

Uncle Sam

Having Trouble Maintaining an Election?

Ooh, that smell! Can"€™t you smell that smell? Pew! It's the latest report from the Pew Center on the States, and it concludes that America's voter-registration system stinks. Released on Tuesday, Pew's report, titled Inaccurate, Costly, and ...

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