July 15, 2013

The Nation blamed it on white supremacy because, well, The Nation blames everything that’s wrong with the world on white supremacy. It even acknowledged that Zimmerman and his family are not white, yet it still blamed the whole mess on white supremacy. The Guardian declared that it is now “open season on black boys.” (Trayvon, who was 17 at the time of his death, has repeatedly been eulogized as a “boy” and a “child” by those who appear to have presumed his innocence from the start.) Race-baiting cockroach Tim Wise tweeted that this alleged “white supremacy” he and his cohorts keep hallucinating had earned an “enemy” in his 12-year-old daughter as a result of the verdict. And a Pee Wee Herman-looking scribe for The Daily Beast, speaking as a pale mouthpiece-by-proxy for the descendants of Ham, wrote that “black America seethes” at the verdict while he conjured the ancient ghosts of Jim Crow and slavery.

These people will not let go of the script that’s been welded into their stupid minds. They’ve gullibly swallowed a race-oriented screenplay that’s been fed to them since this story first broke. And they will apparently adhere to that narrative even if they have to take the whole country down with them.

They turn a blind eye to the story of Daniel Adkins, one that mirrors the Trayvon case, seeing as the victim was Hispanic and the shooter was black. The mentally disabled Adkins was walking his dog last year when he was shot dead by Cordell Lamar Jude, a gang-affiliated thug who was sitting in his car with his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend. As in the Zimmerman case, it took authorities a while to prosecute Jude, who also claimed self-defense.

Haven’t heard of the case? Ask your friendly neighborhood reporter why not.

They ignore the beating death of Joshua Chellew, who in early July was allegedly knocked unconscious by four black teens and left to die on a five-lane highway in the Atlanta area, where he was left “helpless” and eventually run over by a car.

Mind you, these are the same media mavens who over a quarter-century ago made a huge national story of the Howard Beach incident that was similar in many ways to Chellew’s beating death except for one crucial distinction”€”the races were reversed.

They are the same people who never remind you that 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks, nor that an estimated 11,000+ blacks have been killed by other blacks since Trayvon Martin was slain.

It simply doesn’t fit the script. And they must stick to the script whether cities burn or not.

And these are the same people whose unforgivably skewed reporting has made George Zimmerman a marked man.

Last year there were several reported incidents of black-on-white violence perpetrated in Trayvon’s name as a result of this massive media malpractice. I don”€™t think it’s unreasonable to suspect that a second wave of retaliatory violence is coming. (Update: “Youths” allegedly yell “This is for Trayvon!” as they beat a Hispanic man in Baltimore and a white man in Milwaukee.)

But this time, you have no right to cry foul if you get shot.



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