April 27, 2017

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Bill Cosby, on the other hand, was undone by the fact that he’s a heavy-handed moralist. He’s almost assuredly a rapist as well, but that’s not my point. His fellow comedians (and fellow blacks in general) piled on because the accusations against Cosby made him look like the worst kind of hypocrite. Indeed, Cosby’s downfall was sparked specifically because a fellow comedian was sick and tired of his self-righteous preachifyin”€™.

When it comes to Anita Hill-ing, the right is by nature more susceptible to damage.

One other point: If you”€™re an embittered woman looking to score some get-back against your ex, your coworker, or your boss, lodging a sexual-harassment complaint is a much safer way to get revenge, compared with the other options. In one of those coincidences too good not to write about, O”€™Reilly’s forced departure came on the exact four-year anniversary, to the day, of when my ex, fashion model Rosie Maxhimer (née Tisch), “€œouted”€ my Holocaust revisionist past. Her objective was to get me removed from GOP circles, and I knew with absolute certainty that by exposing my past, she”€™d be able to fully accomplish that goal. Prior to the outing, I warned her repeatedly that should she out me, there”€™d be blowback. She didn”€™t understand the level of toxicity associated with the “€œHolocaust denier”€ label. She assumed she”€™d be seen as a hero, the noble fashion model who exposed an “€œanti-Semite Semite”€ who”€™d “€œinfiltrated”€ the Republican Party. But instead, she was attacked as an accomplice of mine, a German-surnamed sociopath who lived off a Holocaust denier, with no moral qualms about spending his ill-gotten gains, only to turn on him when the money ran out.

Yes, I was destroyed, but so was she, as the left piled on her every bit as much as it pilloried me. She lost work, and eventually retired from modeling.

Exactly a year after my outing, a mischievous kobold who goes by the name of V. Stiviano destroyed her sugar daddy, L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, by leaking audio of him making racially insensitive comments. Sterling was banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.5 million by the league. It was a good hit, but, just as in my case, the assassin didn”€™t survive. Stiviano, who enjoyed her newfound fame by going out in public dressed like a gay welder, fully expected to be celebrated for taking down a racist. She was even planning to launch a reality show. But it was not to be. Rather than being seen as a hero, she was excoriated as a user, an opportunist, a person who lived off an antiblack racist, only (conveniently) discovering her conscience when the gravy train ended.

When Stiviano was forced to pack up her gear and drive away in disgrace, the press could barely hide its glee.

Maxhimer and Stiviano would have been better served by claiming to have been victims of sexual improprieties. Once a woman assumes the mantle of “€œvictim,”€ even if her claims go unproven, there’s still dignity in the struggle. There’s even dignity in a loss, should she fail to bring down her target. Anyone can be a suicide bomber. Hell, even desert-dwelling donkey-buggerers can do that. But it takes skill to take down your target while yourself surviving and getting away clean.

I feel compelled to add that none of this is intended to excuse or defend actual sexual misconduct perpetrated by men either in relationships or in the workplace. I don”€™t need to say it, but I will anyway”€”such misconduct absolutely does happen, and women should always be encouraged to come forward when it does. But false allegations also happen, and that’s a fact. And if you”€™re a man who is especially susceptible to damage from claims of “€œlook what he did to me, look what he said to me, when nobody was looking”€”€”in other words, if you”€™re a right-of-center public figure”€”it’s probably best to play it safe.

Be Pencive. And that’s your David Cole word of the day.


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