April 02, 2018

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Transgender people risk social stigma, discrimination, and harassment when they tell other people who they really are.

Perhaps instead we should love them for who they really are, regardless of what they have in their pants.

What will it take for America to accept transgender people for who they really are?

It might take a while—or at least long enough to resolve our disagreement about who they really are, because that’s the sticking point.

I would have no sane reason to deny someone the right to be who they really are. What’s suspicious about our transgendered allies, however, is how much effort it takes them to be who they really are. I would think that being who you really are requires no effort at all.

What’s so odd about trannies is that in order to simply be who they really are, they must endure a rigorous and expensive process of becoming who they really are.

If your lifelong dream is to switch gender teams, the process can cost you $100,000 either way—a tab that gender-normal taxpayers, rather than those who are in the laborious process becoming their “authentic” selves, are increasingly being required to pay.

If you’re a man who is “really” a woman, this would involve female hormone injections from the get-go. Your testicles will be mercilessly plucked from your body cavity and either tossed in a wastebasket or fed to dogs. The skin from your foreskin and penis will be inverted into a flap. Your glans penis will be transformed into a makeshift clitoris. After some rudimentary removal of pubic-hair follicles, your scrotal tissue will be reworked into labia majora. Then, like oilmen drilling for black gold, a hole will be carved into your groin area. Your new “vagina” will require hormone treatments and daily dilation for at least six months with a dildo-like contraption. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get part of your slimy bowels reworked into a “real” vagina, and maybe your male lovers will never know the difference. After your genital overhaul, you may elect for a tracheal shave, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation, and buttock enhancement.

If you’re a woman who is “really” a man, you will need testosterone injections for the rest of your life. You will also need those pesky breasts sawed off. Your internal female organs will be removed as if you were a female dog being fixed at an animal shelter. Your labia majora will be reworked into a slapdash scrotum; if you so choose, the doc will toss in some fake testicles before sewing it all back up. And then comes your phalloplasty, during which some sausage-like monstrosity is welded onto your groin in the hopes that not quite everyone can tell it’s fake and repulsive.

Becoming who you really are shouldn’t really require this much effort, at least not if you aren’t insane.

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