July 25, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik

Breivik slams cultural Marxism for being innately racist, casting white Europeans as the source of all historical evil in the same way that Hitler scapegoated and dehumanized Jews. He notes that their mangled notions of cultural equality never demand that Saudi Arabia accept an influx of Christians or that Japan open its gates to millions of Caucasian immigrants. He depicts Oslo anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s admonition to “deconstruct the majority…and do it thoroughly, so that it can never be called the majority any longer” as genocidal hate speech. He also accuses the Frankfurters’ ideological descendants of a fatal naiveté regarding Islam’s inevitably totalitarian tendencies, predicting that once Muslims win the demographic battle, Eurabia’s victorious Islamists will either forcibly convert all the suicidally tolerant kafirs or eat them alive.

He scoffs at the notion that Norway is a democracy, saying that all of the nation’s politicians and 99% of its mainstream media bend submissively before the multicultural gods and relentlessly defame all ideological dissenters as subhuman bigots who don’t deserve police protection no matter how often indigenous Norwegians get raped, beaten, or murdered by their Islamic colonizers. He claims that during his teens in Oslo, Muslims assaulted, threatened, and attempted robbing him. He says that over 20 of his acquaintances experienced similar attacks, including one girl who suffered a gang rape.

And every time, the authorities looked the other way. In their culturally brainwashed totalitarian minds, such things simply never happened.

Breivik notes that even Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy claimed that tyrants often give their subjects no choice but to start spilling blood.

“The time for dialogue is over,” he writes. “We gave peace a chance.”

And that, apparently, is why he started killing people.

I asked two Norwegian friends about their experiences with Muslims and their take on Friday’s massacre.

Norseman #1:

I used to be a member of that [Labour Party] youth group, something I’m usually a bit embarrassed about. I used to go to that summer camp. This is beyond fucked-up….I actually grew up with Muslim friends and neighbors in a small suburb outside my town. That was during the Khomeini years, but I had no idea about those things. It wasn’t until they tried to kill William Nygaard, Salman Rushdie’s Norwegian publisher, that I understood that something was wrong with Islam….But I base my opposition toward Islam not on personal feelings or experiences. It’s a different problem than that….I wouldn’t be able to have Muslim friends and acquaintances if all this was personal….I’m not even opposed to immigration….Now it’s apparently time to smoke out everyone who’s been critical of Islam. Fuck….I feel angry because he’s ruined it for anyone who’s even slightly worried about Islam.

Norseman #2:

Many of my friends on both sides of the [political] fence have been beaten, robbed, raped, and are sitting back with the feeling that they don’t get a fair shake from the authorities in the aftermath….[I’ve seen] their violent ways. And not the occasional fist-swing that you find in every ethnic group, but their need to mark “their territory,” even if this means bringing in four carloads of relatives just to beat a single cowboy to a pulp….[I’ve seen] their everlasting tendency to act as if they own the place. Many of them combine intolerable ego with the claim that they are here to take over….Many of them are acting tough in bigger gangs, anti-white racial slurs and threats are common, but the second the gang is white, they claim persecution and the usual whines before anyone has so much as raised a right arm….No matter how you twist and turn this case, you can’t escape the fact that this guy deliberately shot and killed nearly a hundred kids….I also resent the prick for setting back the stabilizing of our political landscape for decades. We were just getting used to being able to make up personal opinions without having to (figuratively speaking) check with the leftist Politburo first, and now this happens. Most likely, we will have to accept that personal opinions will be received with hostility for some time to come. For the foreseeable future, we will probably have to get used to keeping our mouths shut when it comes to critique of everything this guy resented….

So it’s not as if Breivik’s beliefs upset them. On many points, they seem to agree with him.

It’s that he had to kill people.



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