July 22, 2014

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The discovery of a possible conservative gene is alarming because it could make a target of a new class of undesirables. Already, moves are being made to quell disagreement with the new liberal order. And in the present day, nothing is seen as more “€œsocially defective”€ than conservative views on marriage and equality. If you don”€™t bob up and down in joy at the idea of the same-sex exchanging of vows, you are now considered an enemy of humanity. Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich is just an early victim of a coming purge of individuals who don”€™t share the popular affinity for gay marriage. The bank JP Morgan Chase is currently surveying its own employees on their loyalty to the LBGT community. Does anyone expect a bank teller to get off scot-free if they declare themselves not an ally of the gay community?

The overarching mission is isolation and elimination of demurring voices. Progressives have no interest in a pluralistic society; they”€™d rather force their belief system on nonbelievers. On the issue of gay rights, the agenda is, as Mollie Hemingway puts it, “€œcrushing the belief that the sexes are distinct in deep and meaningful ways that contribute to human flourishing.”€ Execution by guillotine seems far off on the horizon for now, but the Carmelite nuns probably thought the same thing at the onset of the French Revolution. How the epistemological underpinnings of today’s progressive cleansing differ from the communist-rooted purges of thought resistance, I don”€™t know.

Presently, leftists have to rely on questionnaires to pick out martyrs. Lord knows how far things will go once science makes the process of identifying undesirables easier. It’s hard to see how the use and manipulation of data related to personal beliefs can result in anything good. If social engineers feel threatened by someone born with the “€œwrong”€ disposition, then it could soon be off to the Ministry of Love for some reeducation.

It doesn”€™t take an extreme case of paranoia to sense that it may soon be illegal to voice any disagreement with the utopian vision of a liberal society. The case may be that some, such as myself, are genetically predisposed to distrusting lofty progressive schemes of engineering. If that’s true, will I be given a fair hearing before I”€™m expelled from respectable company? I”€™m finding that possibility more and more doubtful.



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