Osama Bin Laden

Osama sought to wreck our way of life. It’s wrecked. We need not rehash the eavesdropping “€œlaws,”€ the TSA pedophile patdowns, the “€œfree speech zones,”€ the disruption of dissident groups, secret prisons, “€œextraordinary rendition,”€ the “€œlegalized”€ tortures, and such. Most already know. Worse, most don’t care. Our minds have been changed in astounding ways which few seem to notice. Am I the only person in this country who hears such nonsense as, “€œWe had to make Osama pay for killing 3,000 Americans!”€ and think, “€œWhat about the one million civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq?”€ Body-count estimates vary, so let’s downgrade it all the way to 300,000. That still means that to “€œget”€ Osama for murdering our innocents, we went to the trouble of killing 100 of their innocents for every one of ours. Not figuratively either, but literally. That is the absurd situation in which we find ourselves”€”killing 100 innocent people to avenge one innocent person. It’s what we call “justice” in the West. Am I honestly the only one who is staggered by this situation’s abject unreality?


Osama bin Laden won. You don”€™t have to like it, and neither do I. But he did. He got everything he said he wanted, and he trumped us by saying from the outset that he was willing to give up his life to do it. We didn’t do a damn thing that he didn’t predict, and yet we present it as victory.

There is one bright spot in this kangaroo court: The verdict isn”€™t final yet. We can still come back.

Quitting wars which we wage merely to sell weapons would be a good start. Apologizing (sincerely) to the innocent people whose lives we ruined would help (a little). Getting out of their countries for good would help a lot. No more “€œhumanitarian missions”€ to anywhere for any reason. The other humans will have to figure out things for themselves.

Slamming the door shut on everyone who doesn”€™t understand traditional Americanism is another step in the right direction. You don”€™t have to like homosexuals, but you can”€™t kill them. You may hate your wife, but you can”€™t behead her. If you don”€™t agree with these rules, by all means enjoy the paradise which is Iran, India, or Mexico. No one is stopping you.

There still may be time. Maybe I misspoke when I said Osama already won. But given the way things have been going lately, I”€™m afraid he very soon will.



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