March 16, 2015

Little Five Points, GA

Little Five Points, GA

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And now two of his housemates have been shot dead only two blocks from the house where they all lived in the tightly knit artists”€™ ghetto they all loved.

“€œIt’s a vibrant community, full of all kinds of people, Kahle Davis, owner of the Star Bar, told a local TV reporter regarding Little Five Points. “€œThe diversity, the fun that can be had around here, the bars, the live music venues, restaurants, great food, and when something like this happens, it really kind of freaks us all out.”€

A friend of mine who saw that clip on TV said he wished the reporter had followed up by asking, “€œYes, it’s indeed frightening, but with diversity being a chief element in play, does it at all surprise you?”

Tough question. I wonder whether the killer or killers considered their victims part of their own community. If forced to choose, I”€™d say no. I”€™d venture it was likelier that they considered themselves members of some competing community.

That’s a gamble one takes with diversity”€”the possibility that the result will be conflict rather than peace.

I don”€™t pretend to know what actually happened, but I suspect this doubly fatal random encounter occurred between people who inhabit two different worlds, even though they found themselves behind the same bar late one night.


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