March 31, 2018

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

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She rang back herself and when I answered, she said, “Silly boy, all I wanted to do was to invite you to tea,” which she did. I told this story to Tom Bower, but it came out rather differently in print. I can’t remember the details, but it hinted that Barbara Black had high-hatted me, if you know what I mean. Instead of her trying to make peace between her hubby and me—and the Blacks and I have always been good friends—she emerged as the one trying to make trouble, the exact opposite.

So, are the details of Prince Charles’ self-indulgence—traveling with his own pictures and furniture, having his martinis transported to Chatsworth—to be believed, or are they as false as those horrid details about the Blacks? Being a poor little Greek boy, I can only judge from what I know, so perhaps the heir to the throne is not as self-indulgent as Mister Bower makes him out to be.

But let’s have a bit more name-dropping. Now that Larry Kudlow is the new economic tsar in America, my stock must be on the rise. There is no nicer man in the world than Larry Kudlow, and no more knowledgeable and sagacious an economist. Larry has suffered in his life, has remade it, and is as polite and gracious to small-timers as he is to big shots. Last time we met we had a ciggie outside a hotel and he told me that Trump was going to win the election the coming week. I wish him all the luck—here’s a man who has suffered and deserves it. And to top it all off, guess where the little Rocket Man and The Donald will meet and negotiate not to blow the world up? I got it straight from the horse’s mouth: John Mappin. In Kazakhstan, that’s where, and you read it here first.


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