May 07, 2010

Bristol Goes Clubbing, Royals Get Touch-ups, and Sting Gives Up Tantric Sex

In royal news, King Constantine of Greece will celebrate his 70th birthday this June. It is only too bad he won”€™t be celebrating his reinstatement as King, Greece could use him now. A big party is being given in his honor by his eldest son Pavlos and daughter-in-law Marie-Chantal at their London house. Tatiana Blatnik, who is marrying the King’s son Nikolaos on the Greek island of Spetses this September, is expected to attend. Tatiana is no doubt shopping around for a wedding dress. Carolina Herrera is said to be the front-runner. No word on whether or not Andres Piedrahita, the Colombian crook who invested his client’s millions with Madoff will be at the wedding. He is close friends with Tatiana’s charming step-father, Attilio Brillembourg. Piedrahita might still be in mourning since his sister committed suicide a few weeks ago. It is alleged that she owed a lot of money to the wrong kind of people, and that her brother refused to pay her debt.

Prince Harry may be getting his wish to go back to Afghanistan. Prince Charles gave the young man his pilot’s wings on Friday and he will next train as an Apache attack helicopter pilot. Longtime love Chelsy Davy was at the ceremony to cheer him on. 

Retouching isn”€™t just for cover girls-“€”royals need touch-ups as well. New photos of Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe appear to put his rather stoic face on three different bodies with three different uniforms. Princess Letizia’s official snaps also appear to be tweaked”€”and they happen to be the first ones out since the stylish one’s “€œcorrective nose surgery” a few years ago. Spain’s papers are up in arms, but the photographer denies offering any digital help to the royal couple.

Someone’s going to be fired for this: A tabloid journalist was accidentally invited to a pre-wedding party for Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel Westling. Swedish hack Hakan Kjellgren laughed off the Royal Court mix-up and rather hilariously says he doesn”€™t want to attend anyway. We have a feeling his invitation to the June nuptials will be lost in the mail.

Model party girl Kashmir Snowdon-Jones pled guilty to using a frenemy’s credit card for over $4,000 in petty purchases after they had a fallout in the Hamptons. The 23-year-old socialite ‘fessed up that she did it to “get back at her friend.” Since she’s friends with Paul Johnson Calderon, would it be too much to hope for an appearance on High Society?

If Bristol Palin wants to hide from the press, she may want to leave New York. Sarah’s 19-year-old daughter was seen at the city’s hotspot 1Oak around one a.m. and two sources noted her looking around panicked that she may get caught. A few problems here: the club is, of course, 21-and-over, and she was seen out on the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. We suppose even an abstinence spokeswoman needs to have a night out, but next time, best to make it a night in, Bristol. Everyone’s watching.

Oh my, can”€™t this mistress just go away? Sandra Bullock’s nemesis, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, keeps talking about her horrid affair with Jesse James. This time she says she was with Jesse out of “boredom” and she wasn”€™t in love with him. Then please, darling, take a cue from Sandy and move on. There are rumors that America’s sweetheart is packing up and leaving Los Angeles for good. One source says Sandra may never make another film again and will split her time between Texas and baby Louis”€™ birthplace of New Orleans. Best of luck to her.

New York’s worst-kept secret has been a reunion between former couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller. The gorgeous pair finally made it official this week by stepping out in the most high-profile way, walking the red carpet at the Met’s Costume Institute Gala alongside J. Lo, Gisele, and Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s been five long years but Sienna finally forgave Jude and his wandering eye for that affair with his child’s nanny. It’s almost sweet. Let’s see if it lasts. At least they gave us some excitement at the usually glamour-heavy gala. It was a dismal event this year filled with too many fashion faux pas, save for Lily Donaldson and Diane Kruger.

Sting’s wife Trudie Styler sure knows how to up the ante at a benefit auction. She told bidders on backstage passes that her husband would also share stories about their tantric sex sessions. One very eager fan shelled out $13,000 for the passes and, more likely, for the juicy tales. 

And a year after undergoing a sex change, Chaz Bono is now officially recognized as a man. Sonny and Cher’s son changed his name in court this week and couldn”€™t be happier. Welcome to manhood, Chaz. It’s everything it’s cracked up to be.

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