March 30, 2017

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At the Q&A, I felt inclined to ask, “€œWhat happened to our Coming Apart guy? I thought Trump was the ultimate Coming Apart dude and the whole “€˜Make America Great Again”€™ is getting back to this 1950s America.”€ Murray’s response (also in previous link) was long and stern and basically said The Donald is not a stand-up guy. He said he can”€™t be trusted to do “€œhandshake deals”€ and consistently stiffs subcontractors. When they complain, he offers them just enough pennies on the dollar to make suing him not worth it. Murray ended with stating he doesn”€™t want someone like that to be president. So, in a strange way, Murray’s #NeverTrump allegiance is still framed as a blue-collar allegiance. It seems an unusual reason to turn your back on the most back-to-basics candidate we”€™ve ever had. It also sounds like someone who has come apart from the people he’s talking about. I”€™ve built in NYC. I created a retail store called Vice UK in SoHo and a restaurant in the East Village called Cardinal NYC. Contractors here are notoriously corrupt and they always go over budget. The Israelis are constantly trying to sneak in extra costs and the Italian/Irish unions never really graduated from Mob ownership. Screwing them over is the only way to not get completely screwed over. Also, I”€™m not buying that abandoning Trump is standing by subcontractors. They voted for him too.

On Monday, Johnny Rotten said of Brexit, “€œThe working class have spoken and I”€™m with them.”€ When asked how that relates to Trump, Rotten explained that he sees The Donald as a potential friend. This statement exploded, and when asked to clarify he added, “€œAmerica has a new president now and whether you like him or not you have to support him or you will destroy the country.”€ This was true before Trump was president also. #NeverTrumpers such as Steven Crowder and Andrew Klavan eventually realized it was him or Hillary, so they bit the bullet and got on board. Murray never budged and it appears he still hasn”€™t. I deeply admire his commitment to true Americans, but I”€™m worried that while preaching to the rich about how important the poor are, he accidentally became one of the elites to blame for the rise of Donald Trump.


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