Dubrovnik, Croatia

But Tudjman’s Croatian patriotic revival would only last a decade, and the communists quickly reverted to their former positions. What’s worse, their children and grandchildren have taken (kept) a stranglehold on the country, and in it they wield political clout behind a façade of a most dubious”anti-fascism””€”equivalent to the US War on Drugs. Yeah, even Stalin was an “anti-fascist” to the tune of 30,000,000 dead while Tito claimed the lives of 1,000,000 (mostly Croats).

What remains of Croatian patriots, most of whom carried out Croatia’s war for independence under Tudjman’s command, has been systematically silenced, ostracized, and even jailed.

Croatia’s ruling communist class is so brazen that they claim Marshal Tito, Yugoslav communist and butcher, laid the foundations for an independent Croatia.

In Croatia, the historical record doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to retaining hereditary status, privilege, and power. All that matters is that you have a pedigree. The country has a communist/dynastic ruling caste on par with North Korea’s, and the negative selection continues.

After having ratified Croatia’s accession to the EU, Germany continued to demand the extradition of top former Yugoslav secret police officials that have been indicted before German courts. Days after German ratification, Croatia’s elites placed an expiration date on all crimes committed prior to 1992, obstructing compliance with Germany’s legal proceedings vis-a-vis the former Yugoslavia and its murderous communist expeditions that spilled the blood of many Croatian patriots on German soil.

Angela Merkel has now forced the European Commission’s hand. Threatened by being cut off from EU funds, Croatia is facing bankruptcy if she doesn’t fork over Marshal Tito’s executioners to the Iron (Cross) Lady who, by canceling her trip to Zagreb on July 1, 2013, signaled to Croatia’s communists that she means business. Croatian patriots consider Merkel the only person capable of freeing Croatia from communism’s grip.

The bell tolls loudly and ominously for those ultimately responsible for the “Balkan Wars” and all atrocities witnessed in the region for 70 years”€”Yugoslav communists and their secret police. They are the same slime that kept multiple nations captive. They are the same scum that fomented the hatred, wars, and genocide that would ensue in the name of the Balkans’ cheap brand of multiculturalism that Tito named “Brotherhood and Unity.”



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