October 24, 2015

Dan Rather

Dan Rather

Source: Shutterstock

Here’s an example: I was having dinner about fifteen years ago with Gianni Agnelli, the legendary Fiat owner; the mother of my children; an Italian friend; and Ivana Trump, long divorced from the Donald. Ivana was being a pain in the ass, advising Gianni how long the boat he was planning to build should be. Agnelli had a way of lowering his head and deeply frowning when he had to listen to bullshit, but was saying nothing and allowing her to bang on. I was slightly tipsy but very, very bored. “Come on, Ivana,” I told her, “Gianni owned boats before you gave your first blow job, he needs no lessons on that.”

Everyone at the table was shocked, except for Ivana, that is. Agnelli had chosen to suffer in silence for the sake of decorum. Decorum is the excuse these phonies who represent us use for telling lies about the millions from Africa who will soon overwhelm us. Decorum is the excuse American politicians use for lying about race and the fact that African-Americans have been left behind because of the collapse of the black family. How can teenage black girls have five children by the time they’re 20 and expect to live a happy life?

The Donald tells it like it is, exposes his middle finger to the fourth estate, spends his own money, and owes nobody nuthin’. And his second wife told the media it was the best sex she ever had. That must count for something.


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