September 24, 2010

It’s back to jail for our little LiLo. After failing two drugs tests—and admitting her positive results on Twitter—Lindsay Lohan is back in the slammer for violating her probation by taking Adderall and cocaine. This development comes after her appearance at the VMAs where she poked fun at her problems, and a big splashy Vanity Fair cover story in which she said she was going to focus on her career. She’ll be in custody until her hearing October 22. “I’m prepared to face the consequences,” she tweeted earlier, but still looked shocked when bail wasn’t offered by the judge.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
put on a united front at this week’s Clinton Global Initiative after two tabloids claimed their marriage was on the rocks because Ashton cheated with a superfan. The couple celebrates their fifth anniversary today. They’ve allegedly told their fans not to talk to press, “kind of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy,” according to People.

America is stuck with Paris Hilton. Japan denied entry to the heiress because of her recent drug charge in the U.S. She was going to promote her fashion and fragrance lines in Tokyo. Instead she was questioned by authorities and was unable to enter the country. The forlorn socialite tweeted: “Going home now. So disappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo.’’ Sayonara, Paris.

Jodie Foster certainly stands by her man. The typically private actress spoke to More magazine about her “true and loyal friend” Mel Gibson, whose ill-timed clash with his ex Oksana Griogrieva has jeopardized their yet-to-be-released film The Beaver. “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling….I hope I can help him get through this dark moment,” she said. Now that extortion allegations are threatening Oksana’s case, Jodie shouldn’t be too worried. You heard it here first: The Beaver is Mel’s comeback film.

Oh my word. Princess of Venice Clotilde Courau, wife of Emanuele Filiberto, is abandoning the typically stuffy world of royalty for cabaret at Crazy Horse in Paris. “This is the first time I”€™m doing it, but I”€™ve been all my life interested in cabaret,” she told Vanity Fair. “Crazy Horse is not only about naked dancers. It is more, shall we say, intellectual, more poetic.” Other must-know details: No, she won’t be nude, her costumes are designed by Roberto Cavalli, and she’s lip-synching.

Katy Perry is too hot for the pre-schooler set. The pop star did a cute duet with Elmo on Sesame Street but prudish parents targeted the show because of Perry’s low-cut dress. The “Hot ‘N Cold” music video was yanked from YouTube and won’t air on TV. However, she still has one furry red fan. Elmo defended her on Good Morning America: “We”€™ll have another one. Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time. So we”€™ll have another play date.”€

In a somewhat miraculous development, former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant have reconciled, calling off their nasty divorce just before it was made final. As for what exactly made the now-lovey-dovey couple reconcile, no one knows. The lack of a pre-nup could have proved costly to Brant, who made his fortune in the paper business and publishes Interview and Art in America. Love prevails…for now.

Alternately hilarious and scary: Brooke Shields not only tried on her 30-year-old famous Calvin Klein jeans, but she fit into them. “They didn’t look pretty,” she told Ellen DeGeneres, “but they fit.”

And finally, another of Hollywood’s longtime marriages is over. Heart’s lead singer Nancy Wilson and director Cameron Crowe are calling it quits after 22 years of marriage. Not to be cynical, but now we know Crowe has plenty of source material for his next film.

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