General Robert E Lee

What quickly became evident to me was that the authorities completely shut down an event where the organizers had a permit, but they didn’t touch the roaming mobs of BLM and Antifa goons who hadn’t bothered to obtain permits. Police allowed them to chant “WE HAVE REPLACED YOU” and “WE’RE HERE, WE’RE GAY, WE FIGHT THE KKK” despite that alleged order about all public assemblies being temporarily banned.

I watched the day’s most infamous event, and the one that will be milked of every last drop for political purposes, right as it livestreamed—the car-plowing incident that resulted in the death of one woman and injuries to dozens of others. I watched a person get killed as it happened, and even though I wasn’t there, it’s a feeling you can’t quite ever scrub from your mind. Plenty of evidence has emerged—and it will be suppressed—that before plowing into the crowd, murder suspect James Alex Fields, Jr.’s car had been repeatedly attacked by bat-wielding rioters.

Would this have happened if the event had gone on undisturbed and the police had provided adequate protection—like they’re supposed to do when someone has a legal permit and has yet to break any laws?

Would it have happened if, after declaring the entire city a no-assembly zone, the police also forcibly dispersed the BLM and Antifa mobs rather than let them block streets throughout downtown?

Most importantly, would this have happened if the current cultural diktat wasn’t that the worst person on earth, probably even worse than a murderer or a child molester, is a white person who says there’s nothing wrong with being white?

Answers to those questions: no, no, and NO.

Naturally, the mainstream media is blaming “white supremacists,” and ONLY “white supremacists,” for the violence and bloodshed in Charlottesville on Saturday. Then again, the media has been rancidly dishonest about leftist violence for years now. And politicians across the spectrum are singling out the pro-white folks for what happened. To his credit, Donald Trump blamed “all sides” for what happened, only to be called a Nazi.

I hate to break it to whomever thinks that politics in a multiracial society can ever be totally non-racial, but this eternally morphing movement known as “the right” will never be united while whites remain so divided. Y’all crackers need to work some shit out.

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