We were told Parisians”€™ rapid return to their sidewalk cafés and like amusements was “€œa show of resilience.”€ So too, we heard, was Charlie Hebdo‘s greatly anticipated first cover, post-attack: a dancing man riddled with bullet holes, and the caption “€œThey have weapons. F—- them. We have champagne!”€

“€œYou know, you can have both, guys,”€ said the friend who posted the cover in my Facebook timeline. Indeed. See: well, Israel. “€œRough men“€ and all that.

But again: Gavin McInnes reports that this elementary concept is utterly foreign to the supposedly formidable French mind, right wing or left.

Note bien: The same race that gave us the phrase “€œjoie de vivre”€ also came up with “€œennui.”€ When does the celebration of life become its sinister shadow”€”that is: decadence, with everything that word’s etymology implies? I”€™d say, “€œAsk the denizens of any Weimar cabaret,”€ but of course, they”€™ve been dead a long time…

As Rick said in Casablanca, it’s not particularly my beloved Paris. They eat weird crap and have toilets in the streets. Too many Muslims, too many commies. I only fret about their so-called “€œlife-affirming”€ attitude because it might get the rest of us killed. 

The current editor of Charlie Hebdo“€”who repaid all those sympathizers who sent them millions of dollars by announcing it would never publish another Muhammad cartoon again”€”survived the January massacre at the magazine’s headquarters by pretending to be dead.

What’s French for “€œThere’s a joke in there somewhere”€?


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