April 17, 2018

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If Ann’s theory holds water, and I think it does, my guess is that Jews will never warm up to Trump, no matter how many Muslim countries he bombs. Trump will never be treated like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many people have forgotten that during the California gubernatorial recall election in 2003, Schwarzenegger made illegal immigration the cornerstone of his campaign. Everything that happened nationally in 2016 played itself out on a smaller scale here fifteen years ago. Schwarzenegger was called a Nazi (on The Tonight Show, no less, by disgraced disgrace Al Franken), Latino rioters violently interrupted his campaign stops (in one instance throwing an egg at the action star, with the resulting impact resembling that of a pebble thrown at a battleship), the media trotted out old stories of groping and sexual improprieties in order to discredit him, and “reputable” polling organizations tried to torpedo his candidacy by releasing fake poll numbers.

Then something fascinating happened. Once in office, Schwarzenegger reversed himself on practically everything, from taxes to public unions to his hard line on illegal immigration. And guess what? The establishment embraced him. The L.A. Times, which, in 2003, had decried him as a misogynistic Nazi rapist racist, endorsed him for reelection three years later! He left office in 2011 without an enemy among Democrats. His final act as governor was a parting middle finger to his original base: He commuted the sentence of a Latino teen who’d murdered another boy in 2008. The murderous teen who got nine years shaved off his sentence was the son of powerful California Democrat Fabian Nunez, cochair of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and Schwarzenegger’s bestie.

Schwarzenegger was welcomed into the leftist fold because that whole “Nazi rapist racist” thing was not personal. It was just partisan business-as-usual. Even though Schwarzenegger was the son of an actual Nazi, the Jews in the California Democrat machine were more than happy to welcome him in once he began to abandon his agenda. After all, what’s more pleasing than bringing to heel the son of an enemy? That’s true power. But I honestly believe that in Trump’s case, no matter what he does, a sizable segment of the Jewish political establishment will never stop hating him, because he’ll still be Donald Trump; he’ll still be every Jew’s “cousin Sol.”

Oddly enough, that hatred, which is essentially a projection of Jewish self-hatred, might be the only thing that can save Trump’s withering agenda. Trump is at his best when he’s attacked. That’s when he gets combative, that’s when his oppositional defiance kicks in. Trump meets anger with anger and insults with insults. If influential Jews continue to hate him even in the face of all the establishment-friendly and neocon-friendly things he’s doing now—from the omnibus bill to bombing Syria to reversing himself on TPP—it might just propel the man to revert back to the issues that won him the office in the first place. Trump may be generally unpredictable, but he does have one very predictable trait: Once you’ve worked his last nerve, he’s done with you. He’ll attack you and everything you hold dear. And he’ll go out of his way to do things just to piss you off.

He’s a petty man. But that pettiness might just salvage his presidency.

If Ann Coulter is right, and if D.C. Jews can’t reign in their bitter scorn even in spite of his recent olive branches (if that’s truly what they are and not just the random splatter of a chimp with a paintbrush), we may end up getting that border wall after all…if only due to spite.

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