In Trump, rightists seemed to get exactly the kablammy president they wanted. “Mass deportations start on day one! Wall construction too! Day one! Day one! Day one!” Last week, Trump cheered the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding online retailers and taxes. With no hint of irony, he proclaimed it a victory for “brick and mortar” businesses.

That must be the “brick and mortar” that’s still conspicuously absent at the border eighteen months into his presidency.

Trump is now claiming that he won’t be able to do any of that “day one” stuff unless voters hand victories to Republicans in November. I’m skeptical. Trump’s chances of using blunt force to overcome the left’s long game were always slim, and even though he never really had a “honeymoon period,” I think the time for him to have had the best chance of success has passed. Sure, on immigration the president has the poll numbers on his side (even on the “ripping baby-wabies from their mother’s bosom” thing), but so what? Gay marriage was defeated at the polls twice here in California. And hey, we now have gay marriage (and so do you).

As my Marxist anarchist great-uncle Sol would have said, “Polls schmolls.”

The long game always wins. History rewards patience. I’m not saying the situation is hopeless—the long-gamers can indeed be caught off guard by a popular revolt. But that moment may have been November 2016, and it may have been squandered.

All I’ll say is, I’m far more pessimistic about these things than I was in 1992. That gay neo-Nazi double-agent sieg heiling government mole may have been an appallingly bad human being, but on this one topic, time has proven him right.

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