Frazier Glenn Miller

Even back in 1987 while out on bail, Frazier Glenn Miller mass-mailed a “€œDeclaration of War”€ that encouraged the murder of “€œenemies”€ such as “€œniggers,”€ “€œwhite race traitors,”€ and “€œMorris Seligman Dees.”€ Again, it doesn”€™t matter whether the feds put him up to such stupid behavior or if he came up with it on his own. Either way, he’s one rotten Aryan apple.

“€œI warned VNN to dump that Miller way back,”€ Tom Metzger, former leader of the White Aryan Resistance, tells me via telephone. “€œAnd I said, you know, “€˜He’s an informant, he’s tried to hurt some good people and everything else, and why would you bring him on?”€™ and they gave me some song and dance, so I just washed my hands of the whole thing.”€

Metzger knows a little bit about guilt by association. The SPLC successfully sued him in 1991 to the tune of $12 million in a civil case that dubiously tied Metzger’s answering-machine messages to a baseball-bat murder of an Ethiopian immigrant in Portland. Metzger says that despite Miller’s history of double-dealing, he doesn”€™t think the recent shootings were some sort of false-flag operation. He says Miller’s spree was probably due to personality defects that the FBI was only exploiting rather than creating. “€œI”€™d say probably 80 to 90 percent of these arrests for “€˜terrorism”€™ and stuff are egged on and set up by the FBI,”€ Metzger says. “€œThey take guys that are on the edge, and they just coax “€™em over the edge, and they go for it.”€

And some of the other guys”€”the worst ones”€”don”€™t need any coaxing at all. They”€™ll jump over the edge merely for the attention.



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