November 01, 2010

Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time, Whitney Museum of American Art, October 28 “€“ April 10, 2011
The venerable Whitney already had most of the masterful works on Edward Hopper on hand, but now they”€™re combined into one must-see exhibit documenting the rise and success of the famed 20th Century painter. His work is positioned with some of his influences and contemporaries, including Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, and Charles Burchfield. Mixed-media works from 1900 to 1940 are represented and the struggles of the working class are documented in exacting detail. Looks a little like how we”€™re living now, actually. Who knew Hopper was so prescient?

Conan Premiere, TBS, November 8
Dear lord, Coco has finally returned. Since the majority of this season’s premieres have bombed (see: the already-canceled Lone Star and the critically-loved yet publicly-rejected Undercovers) O”€™Brien will once again be a breath of fresh air on the nighttime telly. Andy Richter will be there announcing and accompanying Coco on the couch, and other frequent guests might make appearances. Last week, O”€™Brien made waves when he said “€œSo sue me, NBC”€ if they object to him using characters like the Masturbating Bear on a different channel. Seth Rogen and Jack White are his first guests, but this Monday you can watch “€œEpisode Zero”€ (a live rehearsal) on his website.

Elling, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, Previews begin November 2 “€“ March 20, 2011
Brendan Fraser’s come a long way from his Tarzan days. He stars with Tony winner Denis O”€™Hare and the always hilarious Jennifer Coolidge in this new play about mismatched roommates in a mental hospital. Think The Odd Couple: Straightjacket Edition. One’s an OCD freak, the other’s a more relaxed and calm gentle giant (that would be Fraser as “€œKjell”€).  Kjell tries to lose his virginity by wooing Reidun, Jennifer Coolidge’s character, with hilarious results. The comedy has quite the literary background: It’s based on Ingvar Ambjornsen’s Norwegian novels, and a film was also made in 2001. After glowing reviews in London it’s now finaly adapted for Broadway by Doug Hughes (Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Doubt).

Of the Blue Colour of the Sky Extra Nice Edition
OK Go became YouTube darlings after their massively successful and ingenious treadmill video for “€œHere It Goes Again.”€ Now they”€™re back with an “€œextra nice”€ two-disc edition of their latest album with a mind-blowing 27 total tracks. Passion Pit, Sam Sparro, Static Revenger, and Ra Ra Riot have remixed four of the catchy songs, plus there are demos and live versions for the diehards who must know”€”and hear”€”everything. And for all you NPR lovers, there’s also an interview with the band and producer by This American Life‘s Ira Glass. Tracks not to miss include the single “€œWTF?”€ and “€œThis Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Sunday Hangover Remix).”€ Perfect for fans and novices alike.

Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
Money, sex, power, betrayal. And look, that guy from Parker Spitzer!. It seems like it’s been years since Eliot Spitzer’s prostitute scandal and disgraceful exit from office, which means it’s just about time for a tell-all documentary that chronicles the former New York governor’s rise and fall. Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) directs the doc with aplomb, which features Spitzer himself in all his sputtering glory. There’s also a thread of conspiracy theory throughout”€”who helped kill Spitzer’s career (besides, of course, himself)? Client 9‘s a fascinating character study that relives the bittersweet year of 2008.


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