August 17, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Trump was simply trying to inject some sanity into all this. The riots in Charlottesville involved many innocent people on both sides. The “good people” he was talking about are: a few naive socialists who thought they were preventing WWIII, and a handful of duped patriots who thought they were preventing the eradication of America’s history. The bad people he was talking about were violent anarchists who believe Moulitsas, and radical white nationalists who are just as violent and just as obsessed with race (Crowder recently made a good argument that both groups are essentially the same).

Nazis are bad. We all agree on this save maybe a handful of damaged virgins. Communists are bad too, though. We need to avoid both groups because they don’t want America to prosper. They want it to die fighting itself. The right disavows the alt-right constantly. Trump has condemned white nationalists and Nazis again and again. Obama never disavowed the alt-left. Politicians today think their radicals are heroic foot soldiers for the cause. Mayors say “much love” to violent radical groups and befriend them on Facebook. They let Loan Tran decide what statues we can have and they ride the bus with Antifa to take down those statues. The left has become so radical, they regularly compare Trump to Hitler and are convinced Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. In other words, about 50% of the country is a Nazi to them. That’s not “real life,” to coin Timpf. It’s propaganda. We’ve rejected our extremists, but the left has pulled theirs into the mainstream.

In the name of peace, unity, and love, the left is pretending the entire right has gone alt, and it’s going to start a war of division and hate. By pretending the president thinks this is a good idea they are empowering the radicals on both sides. The alt-left and the alt-right are going to get their civil war and all this disingenuous virtue signaling from the mainstream is going to be at the root of the cause.


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