January 20, 2018

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The terrible New York Times headlined the crimes of rappers against women as “Rap’s misconduct.” Oh, is that what it is—simple misconduct? Your loathing for white heterosexual males is showing, you old bag. Just like the tears of orgiastic joy, shameless sycophancy, and obsequiousness toward trained seals, as I consider most actors to be, by the rest of the media is. Who the hell cares what Meryl Streep thinks? Is her opinion about male oppressors more valid than that of a secretary working in Pakistan, or women in Saudi Arabia in general? If these trained seals were campaigning truthfully to change the system, would they be worrying about models making millions in the West or dirt-poor women in Arab countries? Shut the hell up and go back to balancing balls on your snouts, says the arch feminist Taki.

Oh, for the good old days before Eros was stripped of sex. When everyone flirted and no one took Hollywood seriously except those bums who have always run Hollywood. One day we will speak in a similar manner about the E.U. It will be exposed for the undemocratic den of thieves it is, and for the undemocratic way it’s run, and it will start when the E.U. tries to muscle in on the democratically elected Polish government. Poland, Hungary, and Austria, hold your ground against the fascist E.U., and don’t be surprised if Harvey produces a movie starring Kevin and directed by Woody against you three. It will be called Penance.


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