Demi Moore

More from England via the sunken-chested beta-male douchebags at Gawker, who are reporting that a blind item appearing on Page Six about a European royal who got caught snorting cocaine in a bathroom at a party might be Prince Harry. I guess they think they’re clever, even though everybody already knows the prince is wild. He wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party, for Christ’s sake. He gets completely crocked and passes out every chance he gets. He’s English. He’s an aristocrat. That’s what they do. Allegedly. 

Other lame celebrity-related events:

Silly German women are miffed about some hilariously kitsch urinals in a privately owned Rolling Stones memorabilia museum in Lüchow, Germany. If anyone should be annoyed, it’s Mick Jagger. After all, the guy isn’t queer and it’s his mouth men are pissing in. The outraged harpies should eat some more Wiener schnitzel, be grateful they even have a ladies’ room, and keep quiet.

Elton John still hates Madonna because he doesn’t get to be Madonna and is leveling insults at her every chance he gets. Grow up, Elton. Why don’t you look after your test-tube spawn instead of acting like a little bitch? This sort of stuff is beneath a queen, even one without a crown like you.

Jennifer Love Hewitt bought some sex toys.

Kim Kardashian has a stalker who showed up at her door, suitcase in hand, ready for a sleepover. Initial reports suggest the stalker is not Kris Humphries.

Mike Tyson and his face tattoo are being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

George Clooney‘s Italian ex-girlfriend/Dancing With the Stars alum Elisabetta Canalis is still desperately clutching onto her few remaining seconds of fame. This weekend she was seen going to a hair salon in Hollywood with Steve-O from Jackass. Yeah, I don’t know who either of them is, either.

R.I.P. Don Cornelius of “Soul Train” fame. Cornelius was plagues by health issues and died this morning by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Sherman Oaks, California.



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