April 08, 2016

Gavin McInnes and Bisexual Twerp

Gavin McInnes and Bisexual Twerp

The farther we got from the convention, the weirder things got. Eventually we made it to a fenced-in area where protesters were screaming at people leaving the venue. They were free to approach us face to face (we were about 100 feet from the fenced-in area), but they seemed happy to stay in their pen. Slowly, supporters made their way toward the protesters and began confronting them, so the police built barricades keeping both sides separate but free to yell at each other the way they do at the India/Pakistan border every day. Again, you have unemployed brats confronting blue-collar workers in a town that lost thousands of jobs and we are bending over backwards to make sure everyone stays safe. I”€™m totally for this kind of security, but how about some appreciation? This was white privilege at its finest.

I began to interview more protesters. A woman told me she feared things were about to get violent while totally oblivious to how much work went into keeping her safe. A bearded millennial told me he’s there for “€œpeace, love, and unity.”€ When I asked him if Trump supporters oppose love he said, “€œYes.”€ He said Republicans should love ISIS because nobody kills more Muslims than them and Republicans hate Muslims. I tried to explain that his argument itself proves he’s wrong and he said, “€œNo. You”€™re wrong!”€ When a woman approached with a sign that said “€œFeminist, Human,”€ among other things, I asked her why she hates Trump. She said because he thinks Mexicans are rapists, and I told her that 80% of the girls who cross the border illegally get raped. She said, “€œBy who”€”Americans?”€ It was like she wanted there to be rednecks at the border raping illegals one by one on an assembly line. I replied, “€œNot Americans. Illegals. Coyotes.”€ She bleated, “€œCOYOTES?! Goodbye!”€ I quickly realized she thought I meant the doglike wolf creature that is native to North America. 

At this point I was exhausted. I dropped the mic and walked over to the car as Trump supporters chanted, “€œGET A JOB! GET A JOB! GET A JOB!”€ to the idiots in the pen. We had only spoken to a couple dozen people, but it really felt like we had a good taste of the two Americas. One group is annoying and bases all their opinions on their feelings. The other is much more fun and knows what they”€™re talking about.

The only problem America now faces is overcoming the overwhelming strength of the first group. The annoying vote is still strong.


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