Not that they”€™re any friend to men, either: These are sort of shady, desperate characters willing to sell out their entire gender for the distant promise of a handjob from one of the ladies in his Pilates class.

I loathed male feminists the first time I gazed upon that disgusting photo of a naked John Lennon curled up in the fetal position nuzzling next to human waste-bomb Yoko Ono. Not only did the Bitterest Beatle find positive traits about the female gender at large”€”he found positive traits in Yoko Ono. It may be gilding the lily to say I”€™m glad he got shot, but again”€”Yoko Ono.

My instinctual gut revulsion for male feminists grew deeper throughout the 1970s and 1980s as Alan Alda and Phil Donahue taught a whole generation of well-meaning yet gullible TV-watching pubescent males that it was sexy for guys to be feminists. They”€™re the ones who killed it for males, at least white ones, on TV. (Kurt Cobain would do the same thing for white males in music about 15 years later.)

I am not above, however, finding tremendous amusement in pioneering male self-hatred how-to books such as the literary canon of John Stoltenberg, author of The End of Manhood and Refusing to Be a Man. Although he identifies as gay, Stoltenberg hated being a man to the point where he cohabitated with pickle-faced female water buffalo Andrea Dworkin and even married her.

I also get a right ripping good bloody chuckle from male-feminist bloggers online at such websites as Good Men Project and XY, safe places where male feminists share their stories of how to be men without being anything that being a man traditionally entails. You can find such self-gelding castrati in homemade YouTube videos and the painfully self-deballing video marvel “Dear Woman” of a few years back.

But nowadays”€”with what was once a man’s world awash in wormy, smarmy, pale-pony-riding white knights who were weaned on fantasy movies but are afraid of their own shadows”€”I feel it is incumbent upon me to call out this bullshit “€œmovement”€ for the underhanded form of rape-by-deception that it is, was, and will forever be. Male feminists are, by their very dishonesty, all rapists of the worst kind”€”the kind that don”€™t even have to rape anyone to be rapists. Male feminists thus deserve all the shaming they already give themselves, and more. This “€œmovement”€ must be struck harshly at the root and pulled violently from the ground, never to lay seed again.



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