July 11, 2012

An interesting tidbit on The Slant regards the subordination of our First Amendment rights to the gay agenda. Apparently some Christian therapists were recently booted from a counseling program for referring gay clients to non-Christian therapists. Attempts to persuade them to quit the lifestyle didn’t go over well.

Maybe the PC community should lighten up a bit. Some Christians are obviously having a hard time accepting the rainbow coalition, but many of them are trying. In a surprisingly narrow vote, the Presbyterian Church recently decided not to change the definition of marriage as a union between “€œa woman and a man”€ to one between “€œtwo people.”€ The slim margin that shot down the proposal, 338-308, implies rainbow warriors have won almost half the battle. Doesn”€™t that make things even? Isn”€™t it time to stop the crusading? Obviously not. Google recently launched a campaign in support of homosexuality because it is still criminalized in some countries.

Enough is enough. I am about to lose my mind! Why can”€™t we all agree that the freedom to choose our own identity is no one’s business but our own? Politicizing such very personal matters only proves that people in both camps are completely irrational. We live in a world where there is enough room for every group to pitch their own tent. Why must we all be the same or force others to adopt our definitions and identity?

People take what they can get where love is concerned, and it’s never perfect. Banning one lifestyle or accepting another is not going to change the fact that we are nearly seven billion imperfect people with seriously misguided priorities. Instead of arguing about how best to define other people’s choices we should spend more time worrying about unwanted and neglected children and the failing systems meant to manage them. What I find more disturbing than the militant gay agenda and religious righteousness is the fact that we are fertilizing kids in a dish when so many children are already hungry, homeless, and ignorant. 

If I was up for adoption and old enough to know the difference between a militantly gay family and a very religious family, I might choose the street. Both groups are two sides of the same extremist, idealistic, and bureaucracy-loving coin. Neither side has any practical value in the modern world. So if you”€™re anti-Christian or anti-LGBT, do us all a favor and lower your freak flag a notch. Show some respect. We don”€™t discuss politics or religion at the grown-ups”€™ table.


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