November 03, 2014

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But starting in 2009, these reports suddenly changed”€”although they still tabulated the race of crime victims and perpetrators, these groups were now listed in separate tables, making it impossible to tally interracial crime stats anymore. Hmmm…what happened in 2009? Oh, right”€”Barack Obama became president and Eric Holder became Attorney General.

Beware ye that these stats are not rigidly precise, because many of the estimates are “€œbased on about 10 or fewer sample cases.”€ Still, a definite ominous pattern emerges, one that’s undeniable to everyone except those who live in denial.

Over those 13 years, multiplying the racial percentages of perpetrators times the total number of victims for each race, I counted 271,224 black-on-white rapes and sexual assaults as compared to 24,304 white-on-black ones. This means that for every black woman who was raped or sexually assaulted by a white man over that timespan, 11.1 white women were sexually victimized by black men. Factoring in that there are around 5.75 whites for every black in America, a white woman is 64 times as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted by a black man than a black woman is by a white man.

Mind you, that’s not 64 percent. That’s 6,400%. By most measures, that would be a statistically significant difference, no?

Not a single case of white-on-black rape or sexual assault was logged from 2003-2008. In toto, eight out of 13 years showed a big fat goose egg for white-on-black rapes. And not a single year showed fewer than 11,612 black-on-white rapes and sexual assaults, reaching a peak in 2005 with a whopping 37,461 incidents.

The plot thickens”€”or sickens”€”when one considers the “€œHispanic Effect“€”€”i.e., the fact that the survey lists many Hispanic perps as “white” and some as “€œother race,”€ but never as “€œblack.”€ And it only shows victims as either white or black. So the interracial sexual-assault stats are even more lopsided than the already ridiculous disparity of 64-1.

So based on the best available statistics, there is a definite racial bias in rape”€”it’s biased against white women, with black males as the perpetrators. If stats regarding catcalling are remotely similar to those regarding rape and sexual assault, last week’s two-minute viral video was indeed racially biased”€”against white men.


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