(Best of all? When you see those magic words: “€œComments have been closed for this article,”€ that’s the tattered white flag run up the fort’s flagpole.)

I guess “€œreading from below”€ is Bob Parks’s sanity strategy, too, because the BlackAndRight.com blogger scanned the comments at the news station’s Facebook page and discovered colorful details about this “€œracial incident”€ that KSAT’s reporter weirdly neglected to mention.

Specifically, fans at the game said players on the “€œlargely Hispanic”€ losing team “€œwere rude shouting out during the playing of our countries [sic] national anthem,”€ they made fun of “€œEddie a disabled kid and shouted rude things at him”€ and “€œhad a sign that said “€˜alamo heights suck my….”€™”€

Witness James Russell added helpfully, “€œWe have chanted [“€˜USA! USA!”€™] at multiple games against all sorts of different races. We did not mean to be racist, if we were we could have said other things.”€

The 3000+ comments under the original KSAT.com “€œnews”€ story tell a similar tale:

[A]pparently the chant was in retaliation for the OTHER team chanting “€œALAMO WHITES ALAMO WHITES”€, mocking the Alamo team for being made up of (apparently) Anglo-looking white students, as opposed to the largely Hispanic makeup of the aggrieved team. Kind of funny it was whites at “€œAlamo”€ who defeated Hispanics in “€œbattle”€ 😉

In case your Racial Slang Enigma Machine is in the shop: While not quite rising to the already flaccid level of “€œcracker,”€ the expression “€œAlamo Whites”€ is (at least according to the Urban Dictionary) an actual thing“€”the moral equivalent of the Hispanic players shouting, “€œWASPs! WASPs!”€

Except that some of the players on the Alamo Heights team who were disciplined for chanting “€œUSA!”€ are…Hispanic.

We only know about any of this because some severely normal people spoke up, but not before the original, one-sided report of this “€œracial incident”€ had already made its way around the nation.

Still, I remember when the only option you had when confronted with shameless media spin was to yell at the radio, shoot your TV, or send a letter to the editor that would likely be ignored.



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