September 30, 2017

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper

Source: Wikimedia Commons

My, my, why are lefties more prone to hit women? Is it that they are too enamored of themselves to succumb to romantic martyrdom? Perhaps. Just like today, the lefties are heaping abuse on Leavers and threatening violence instead of experiencing rare vertebrate moments and accepting Brexit like the men they’re not. Again, never mind.

This has been a glorious autumn. Here in the mountains the sky has never been bluer and the air never crisper. I’ve been exercising like mad and staying home a lot. The Gulf horrors have left, the village is empty, the cows have come down from the mountains where they’ve grazed all summer, and the locals are busy building bigger and plusher chalets for the new rich. When will it all end? Not in the near future, that’s for sure. Africa is getting rather crowded and the locals breed too much. Not enough food to go around so they come over to us. A wormy little bureaucrat from Luxembourg has abolished European borders. A few brave men like the PMs of Hungary and Poland are resisting. The media, needless to say, is on the side of the worm. Europe stinks of necrosis. The Brits should thank their lucky stars and Nigel Farage. And I’m off to the Big Bagel for some fun and games before I’m joined over there by the MOMC.


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