September 18, 2015

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The Fundamental Rights report of course “€œcondemns any attempt to review the Schengen acquis,”€ because this would impinge on the right to freedom of movement around Europe. By looking after everyone’s fundamental right to move freely around Europe, the EU is putting its own people in danger.

And thanks to the EU’s approach, which is summed up by the Fundamental Rights report, the migrants and refugees have become very fussy. They don”€™t want to stay in Hungary or Bulgaria, let alone in refugee camps in Jordan. They want to go to Germany, and who can blame them when Angela Merkel is inviting them?

And who can blame them for being picky when the EU is encouraging them to be? For, in conjunction with the Fundamental Rights report, the European Parliament is drafting a “€œrelocation system.”€ The system invites applicants to “€œrank Member States by order of preference,”€ ensuring that “€œapplicants give their consent to be relocated.”€ You can”€™t make this stuff up.

Any attempt to protect European people is, in fact, condemned. Victor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, is consistently accused of fundamental-rights violations by the European Union, usually when he is acting to protect his own citizens.

Hungary is now being vilified for using force to protect its borders. But the migrants are using force too and demanding entry into Europe. But since when has this been their right? Since the EU made it so.

In response to the Parliament’s most recent attacks, Orban said “€œwe would like Europe to stay European and to preserve Hungary for Hungarians,”€ for which he was accused of inciting hate crimes.


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