This isn”€™t the America we know. It’s not the America Obama built for us. You have completely wiped out all the goodwill he brought us from the Muslim world. They hate us more than ever and the only reason China and Russia don”€™t hate us too is because you handed off the war in Afghanistan to Putin and the North Korean conflict to whomever is in charge of China. Are you aware of the human rights records these leaders have? We have no idea the kind of senseless slaughters being perpetrated toward the peoples of Islam and Northern Korea. You said we are “€œno longer the world’s police”€ without justifying how we can turn a blind eye to all this suffering.

Speaking of police, their war on African-American people of color continues unabated. You say this “€œemployment boom”€ is most prevalent in the black community, but at what cost? By cutting welfare down to almost nothing, you are denying single mothers the care they deserve. Abortion would have been a way out of this mess, but you cut that, too. The “€œblack family is back”€ (as you put it), but it’s not because they love each other. It’s because you denied black women their independence. That’s not romance. It’s marriage rape. Also, you lie when you pin this back-to-work trend on the drop in crime. Crime is down because your draconian laws have forced everyone into what are essentially labor camps across the country. Detroit hasn”€™t been revitalized. Slavery has.

Crime is also down because of fear. Abolishing gun control has left the poor petrified of being shot by racists. What have you done? How can you sleep at night? We used to be a nation that cared for huddled masses. Now we crack the whip and march them into factories. Animals die, the arts suffer, and everyone wakes up thinking, “€œWho will blow my head off today?”€ This morning I went into a Starbucks and a man was carrying what looked like a semiautomatic AK-47. My daughter asked me what it was and I was left no choice but to begin crying. This made her cry also and I got down on one knee to hold her. “€œI want Obama back,”€ she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “€œMe too,”€ I replied while sobbing much harder, “€œMe too.”€


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